Foreskin Play

Trevor caught my eye when I came across a series in his photo gallery where he was playing with his foreskin. I love uncut cocks. I'm a foreskin hound. I sniff it out anywhere. I'm completely obsessed actually. I love the variety of looks of natural dicks from the tightly-wrapped mini sizzlers with lots of skin hanging off the tip to the big, fat sausages with juicy cock heads pushing through the skin. I guess I'm so fascinated with natural cocks because I'm cut myself. But it also hearkens back to one of my first sexual experiences. He was probably the third or fourth guy I had sex with and I was so taken with his uncut cock. It's one of my fondest memories. Trevor here has a nice 8-inch slab of meat, thick and even sporting a couple of freckles - a spotted dick. He's a cute 24-year-old; lean with a long pair of firm legs. And he's wearing a sexy beard, and if you're wondering, he is hairy under that t-shirt - a nice patch of fur across his chest and a bit of fuzz on his belly. Trevor starts playing with his dick, sliding his thumb inside his foreskin and pulling gently. His foreskin rubs back and forth across his sensitive cock head and this gets his dick nice and hard. It's a hot foreskin play session.



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