Brit stretching his foreskin.

I admit i - I have foreskin envy. I was visiting with a Polish photographer and friend recently, he shoots content, and I was trying to explain to him the whole foreskin thing. The models that he shoots back home never play with their foreskin, in fact, they don't even seem to know it's there. He just said, "Yeah, we don't even think about it, it's just a part of us." So I explained to him that in North America most men are cut, although that trend does seem to be changing. So when we see a foreskinned cock, we're really interested. And we imagine that foreskin must feel amazing sliding up and down a guy's cock head. And since we're so fascinated with it, we really want to see guys playing with their foreskin and showing us what they can do with it. Like Aidan here from UK Naked Men. Now who wouldn't want to be able to pull and stretch their foreskin like this. And it's deceiving, too, because in the photo before this one, his cock is completely hard. And it's big! But with his foreskin all stretched like this, you really don't thnk he's got a hard-on. But he does. And he's got a beautiful cock -- about 7.5 inches, thick, and that beautiful cock head of his glistening in foreskin juices and precum. Yum! I'd love to have him hold in foreskin open for me so I could go digging with my tonuge.

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