Ever been watching a porn, particularly a solo sequence, and you think the guy is super smokin' hot in just about every way, but at the same time, it's kind of tough to really get into it because the model seems like he'd rather be taking a dump? This is what I call forced exposure, models who aren't really into porn or exhibitionism, but who are just having a wank for the money. These are absolutely the worst kind of models money can buy, yet lazy producers continue to use them.

While it's true that sometimes a pulseless model with no personality can be good to watch if he's really, really attractive, it is generally a terrible turn-off when the model is simply not interested in what he's doing. I've seen couples fucking each other's brains out who have expressions on their faces like they wish they were gardening rather than having sex. It's also tedious during interviews when the answer to every question is: 'yeah I guess' or 'I don't know' or 'I'm just here for the money'. Well, that's erotic, isn't it?

Models who act as though they're being forced to appear on screen can kill the energy of a production in seconds, especially if they're not hot enough to get away with it. This is particularly a problem on fetish sites. There have been far too many foot sites in which the models clearly have no interest in feet and are actually a bit revolted by the whole thing. A director with any ingenuity would at least coach the model to, oh I don't know, act like they're into feet to create a convincing illusion. Porn was once completely fantasy-based, and now it is totally reality-based, which means no creativity, no fanciful erotic scenarios, and no real coaching or direction. Imagine if your favorite weekly TV show had no structure, no direction, and no cast members who gave a shit. It would be an hour of people standing around and wondering what to do next.

Probably the most annoying example of forced exposure is the vids in which lecherous old pervs pick up straight street dudes and flash wads of money at them for a jackoff video. This results in a model sleepily playing with himself while the sicko director cops as many feels as he can, which is ultimately the real reason the video is being made in such cases. The directors of these types of videos are using the medium as a method of being able to put their hands on hot guys who would never, ever give them a second of the day. Well, that's more or less a form of prostitution, and it really isn't necessary for an audience to see that. We do not want to see some pudgy hairy old-man arm fondling a big dick. Icky-yuk.

The most effective and sexy porn performers are those who have natural energy and ability, and who are interested in showing the world what they have. I suspect because the disinterested dudes have no experience or ambition, producers are paying them significantly less than they would pay someone who is savvy about the industry. All in all, it's a worthless and cheap equation to use models with no spunk. The living dead have no place in porn.



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