Forced Ass Fucking

Chad Manning shows us at his buddy James's apartment, but instead of James, he finds Luke Riley tied up in the bedroom. Chad gets turned on and decides to have a bit of fun. He forces Luke to suck his cock, but Luke is resisting - he belongs to James and doesn't play with others without permission. When Luke is released from his binds, he jumps on Chad. And in true Bound Gods form, the "master" becomes the slave. Luke breaks his rule about playing with others, figuring that his Master will be proud that he stood up for himself and made Chad pay for disrespecting the bond between Luke and his Master. Chad finds himself completely bound and his arms are secured behind his back. Luke bends Chad over an ottoman, and then, he raises Chad's arms toward the ceiling. Completely helpless, Chad ass is now exposed and Luke plunges his stiff cock inside Chad's tight hole. This is one forced ass fucking lesson that Chad will not soon forget.

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