As Jeff Goldblum's character said in The Big Chill: "That's what I love about the outdoors. It's one big toilet." Well whoever invented this thing didn't see that movie.

The Uroclub looks like an ordinary golf club, but it totally isn't because it magically swallows pee. They are missing out on marketing to all those women who can't hold it. Maybe by presenting a version with a yellow bucket discretely screwed to the club.

The real problem is they don't throw in that green towel for free. No wait, the real real problem is that they don't advise you how to explain the sloshing sound when you use the club for what it was designed for, that thing called golf. No wait, the real real real problem is that the last bit is homophobic because it shows guys awkwardly peeing next to each other in the bushes, like that's a bad thing.

Someone needs to give this thing a starring role in a porno. There just aren't enough golf club themed porno flicks. It can start with eight guys peeing on and in a 19 year old caddy. That's what I love about a caddy. Each one is a big toilet.

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