Jessie Colter and Trey Turner in their underwear

Jessie Colter has one of the hottest asses in gay porn at the moment, and Trey Turner's hot meaty cock is pretty much established in the biz and has been known for his very hot and slutty scenes! What would make life even more cum-tastically perfect is if these 2 were to hook up and become real life boy friends.... oh wait, that's already happened!

Yes, say hello to gay porn's new power couple, Jessie and Trey, or "JessRey" as I like to call them! If the straights can have "Brangelina" we gays deserve to have "JessRey!" These 2 started to go out sometime in November and they are still going strong! Let's face it, that is an eternity in gay porn!

Shirtless hunks Jessie Colter Trey Turner

Now, of course with popularity there cums bitchiness and many have said that their relationship is more publicity stunt than anything else but right now,there is no sign of stopping "JessRey." They are both hot as fuck and ready to take over the world!

Recently these two hunks have stripped down to their undies for American Underwear company Timoteo, and they both are dripping with gay heat galore! I seriously don't know which is my fave here! Both are just so fucking sexy and delicious I want to be a greedy HOMO and say I lust after them equally!

Enjoy these hot pics of "JessRey" in their undies and hopefully we will be seeing these 2 fuck long and hard in a major gay porn studio release!

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