Footballer Spanked and Fucked Footballer Spanked and Fucked

Bryan absolutely loves playing football. There is nothing he won't do to be able to play the game. Even having to undergo a severe initiation by Dave. At first glance, Bryan's smooth rear end is a thing of beauty. However Dave wastes little time in paddling that butt. He exerts all his force to spank Bryan's ass over and over again. Continuing the hard blows until Bryan's white ass turns pink. But Dave is just getting started. He next wants Bryan to beg for cock.

Upping the ante, Dave decides to use a belt instead of a paddle, to whip Bryan's ass. So while Bryan begs for cock, his ass receives blow after blow from the belt. Despite the searing pain, Bryan continues to grovel for dick. Finally Dave relents as he shoves his hard erect cock into Bryan's mouth. Grateful for the relief, Bryan hungrily sucks Dave's cock. Almost like his life depends upon it. But all this spanking and sucking has made Dave incredibly horny. He switches sides and begins to fuck Bryan's ass hard. So not only are Bryan's outer cheeks burning from the pain, so is his tight asshole. With Dave showing no mercy fucking that ass. Bryan is going to have a hard time sitting down after this initiation session.

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