Footballer Robbie Rogers Comes Out

In this day and age it's becoming a lot more common for people to accept gays. In some areas, like fashion, music and so on, it's quite normal to have gays come out and people not make a big deal about it. However when it comes to gays and sports the story is very, very different.

Recently American footballer Robbie Rogers, who played football for Leeds United, announced not only that he was gay but he also announced he was retiring. Rogers, who currently lives in London, told many newspapers this past week that he was worried about discrimination and feared that if he came out things would be very different for him. He kept his sexuality a secret not only from his friends but from his family, as well, which made things very difficult for him. He also said that football was an escape for him and that he would always be thankful for that escape that football provided.

Robbie wrote a very heartfelt blog entitled "The Next Chapter" about his struggle and, it's quite an emotional read. It's great that people see gays in a different light and that there are ALL KINDS of gays. Breaking down stereotypes is something very important in order for gays to move forward, and I think Robbie's story is one that will break down many people's perception of what it means to be gay.

To read the entire blog, "The Next Chapter", go HERE.

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