The NFL hasn't had enough problems in the past couple weeks, what with its thug players beating up their wives and kids. Now we get a bunch of gay porn stars donning helmets and playing ball. Score! Following her gay priest drama, writer-director Nica Noelle is back with Football Hero. Her latest Icon Male release for Montreal-based Mile High Media stars Ty Roderick (above) as a horny athlete who decides to come out to his teammates. Sure, in real life, they might not want to share a locker room with him, but this is gay porn! And who knows? Maybe their nasty jabs hide their own secret homo desires!? Co-stars Brandon Wilde and Alexander Greene get busy in the showers, while team doc Trenton Ducati uses the clandestine hookup to get Wilde himself. Ty deals with the on-field bullying by bedding both Aiden Summers and Jamie Sanders. Mostly straight porn star Christian X (aka Maxx Diesel) is also along for the ride as a tough-talking coach.

"Obviously, the Michael Sam story partially inspired this movie," Noelle says in a statement. "The idea of a rising football star coming out as a gay man, and risking public scorn and discrimination in order to take pride in his sexuality, is very intriguing to me. I chose Ty Roderick as the lead because he has a vulnerable quality that was perfect for the role."

And he looks good in and out of his uniform. For more information, visit AEBN.


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