Some of my friends have asked me why some guys are turned on by feet. I don't know about everyone, but I remember the first time I ever noticed feet as sexual instead of just those things you walk on.

I was still living at home and I was doing some yard work when one of my dad's friends came by. Most of the men in our neighborhood were your basic working class Joes with a little extra weight and a tendancy to wear old sneakers when they were relaxing. But this guy was different.

He was wearing shorts and looked like he had been tanning. His skin was golden brown and he was - at least to my younger eyes - not only very handsome but sort of glamorous. He never wore torn tshirts or work clothes and now here he was looking great. But the thing I really noticed was his feet.

No man where I grew up got pedicures or took care of his feet. Only women took care of their feet, and whenever I would see a male foot, it would be slovenly and unappealing. Funny, but I always noticed their feet, and most of the guys' feet where I grew up were not a turn on to me so I hadn't yet realized how sexy a pair of feet could be.

But here was this god of a man, golden and warm from the sun, and his feet were beautiful. No callouses, no snags, nice and clean. They made him stand out from the other men in our neighborhood - as if anything else was needed to make him stand out. He came by to ask if he could borrow some trimmers for his yard, and I could barely tear my eyes away from his feet. I did manage to stammer something and I led him to where the clippers were kept, sneaking looks at his feet. That night, for the first time, I jacked off imagining myself worshipping this man and his perfect feet.

I never got any closer to him - he stayed friends with my dad and was always the perfect untouchable man. And I always remember his beautiful golden feet with their perfect toes and high arches, strong and clean.

As I got older, I never stopped fantasizing about good looking guys with shapely and attractive feet. I started looking for magazines and websites featuring pics of men's feet and to my great surprise, I discovered there are a lot of guys out there into feet! There are websites all about this. I found sites like Gay Boys Feet and My Friends Feet but the site that I really like is called Foot Friends.

Foot Friends not only has very hot pics and videos of men's feet but they have an actual foot fetish community! (read the review of foot friends if you want to find out more about this site) People get together at foot parties and there are personals on the site, as well. It makes me feel good there are more guys into feet out there, but I admit that I mostly like to masturbate to pics of extra hot straight guys showing their bare feet

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