Hayden and Jarrod are both 18 years old and they're also a real-life couple with a very active sex life. What makes their relationship fun for them is that they're both into feet, so part of their sex games includes foot play. Hayden loves sucking on Jarrod's toes and licking the tender, sensitive soles. And Jarrod is turned on as he feels Hayden's warm, wet tongue bathe and caress his feet. They loved doing this shoot for Toe Gasms because not only into foot action - they both like being watched and being on camera was a big kick!

Jarrod is so into feet that he learned reflexology, and he demonstrates on Hayden's ticklish feet. A little massaging, a little pressure and a little stroking and Hayden's cock is getting hard!


Hayden grabs his throbbing twink meat and goes to work on it, stroking and jerking it while Jarrod continues playing with his feet, teasing him and getting him good and horny.


Jarrod sucks on Hayden's toes, making them tingle with pleasure. What Jarrod is making him feel brings Hayden closer and closer to orgasm. The feel of his boyfriend's tongue brings him right to the edge...


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