Focusboy is one of those blogs about the very glossiest advertising models, generally good-looking male celebrities and advertising techniques which could only be put out by - you guessed it - an advertising guy! What this blog features far more than anything else in a very straightforward way, is hot men. Pictures abound of guys posed in stunningly well-photographed poses and situations, including some involving pairs. It is "softcore" in the sense that it presents gorgeous bodies without the exposed individual parts, but the sexy suggestion is always present. Brooding hunks displaying awesome muscles, celebrities in supremely hot poses, smiling athletes, some famous, some not so much, pose in utterly alluring ways in some of the best photographic technique in the world. Any fan of beefcake or even of simply gorgeous males has an urgent need to at least check out this sizzling, glossy but extremely hot site. This is professional voyeurism, done by professionals for professionals. We can go along for the ride and enjoy every second of the trip!

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