Flying Cumshot

Some pictures are just too good to keep hidden in the member's area. Don't you just love flying cumshot pictures. Every photographer dreams of them. As the guy jacking off in front of you gets closer to cumming, you start clicking faster and faster. You hope that one of the pictures captures a juicy moment like this. Of course with video cameras it's easier, but they're not always as clear. This is Peter and he's one of the latest German guys beating his meat over at Berlin Male. This 25-year-old Berliner is already pretty popular with the members, even though his photos and videos were just put up this week. Peter is featured in a work-out series where he's lifting weights at first. Once he gets his blood pumping, he strips out of his clothes and gets down to business. He's got a beautiful long cock that hangs just perfectly. And when he gets his uncut cock super hard, his cock head swells to deliciously plump proportions. Who wouldn't love wrapping their mouth around that?

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