Nathan is 20 year old college student that has found his way onto Stroke That Dick. This isn't the first time he's appeared on a site, he has hooked up with TommyD before. But this time he's solo. And that's quite the cum shot. I love it when a photographer is able to capture that perfect moment when the cum flies out of a guy's cock. Of course this is only possible if the guy is a really shooter. If he's a blobber or an oozer, well, there's not much to see. But guys who can really shoot a load of cum through the air give us some pretty hot flying cum shots to look at. And flying cum shots are like finger prints, no two are ever alike, even from the same guy. Tommy is smooth and lean, although his legs are really hairy. He has both nipples pierced. He's pretty cute, and unfortunately, he says he's straight, but "curious" he adds. Hmmm ... curious and living in San Francisco; there's a lot of curiosity to explore in San Francisco. And who knows, maybe Stroke That Dick will convince Nathan to do an appearance on Next Door Buddies with another "curious" straight guy. In the meantime, enjoy Nathan's flying cum shot.

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