fucking parker london

Parker London is making his debut on Circle Jerk Boys this week, although this handsome and tattooed stud is no stranger to gay porn. He's paired up with younger, blond guy Ridge Michaels in a sizzling flip-flop fucking session.

These two guys are moving some furniture around the apartment when Parker grabs Ridge's crotch and they start making out. Ridge is the first one down on his knees and he wraps his lips around Parker's stiffening cock. Parker takes things up a few notches, grabbing his dick and slapping Ridge's face with it. Parker then gets down on the floor and Ridge feeds him his 8 inch cock. Ridge returns the favor, first slapping Parker's face with his big dick, then shoving it down Parker's throat. When Parker starts to gag, Ridge goes back down on the handsome stud, except this time he fingers Parker's fuck hole as well.

Parker is down on all fours, and I'm looking forward to seeing this handsome stud getting his beefy ass fucked. I don't have to wait long as Ridge inches his thick cock inside Parker's puckered butt hole. Ridge gets really turned on watching his thick meat disappearing deep inside Parker's ass. Ridge picks up the pace and fucks Parker with faster and deeper strokes.

After a vigorous fucking, Parker sits back and Ridge mounts his hard cock. Parker holds Ridge's slender waist and bounces this blond stud on his stiff dick. The guys move into a missionary position - Parker's dick is hitting the right spots, and Ridge blows his load of baby batter all over his smooth belly. Parker isn't far behind, and splatters his own load all over Ridge's cock and balls. This is one hot flip flop fucking session and you'll want to visit Circle Jerk Boys and check out the free preview video.

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