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Shane Frost didn't think he had the look to do gay porn when a friend of his suggested it to him three years ago. I don't know about back then, but now he stands 5'8", he weighs a solid 160 pounds with some really hot definition, he's versatile, and he packs an 8 x 6" cock - so what's not to like? And it makes me wonder what does Frost think a porn star looks like?

Phillip Aubrey trained as a model and dancer, so he's got a pretty hot body, too. In real life, Aubrey is partnered with Spencer Reed, a hulking muscle top who is very good looking and is also well-known in gay porn. Phillip is a power bottom, but he's versatile, too.

Things start off with Frost lying back and having Aubrey slobbering all over his thick cock. Then Aubrey mounts Frost's face and shoves his own stiff dick down Frost's throat. Aubrey sits on Frost's cock and rides it hard and deep. And after satisfying his own anal cravings, Phillip slips in between Shane's legs and gives the well-hung stud a rough fuck.

The guys swap back and forth flip flop fucking in a number of positions until neither one can stop their nuts from unloading. This sweaty flip flop movie is available in both 2D and 3D. Head over to Dominic Ford and watch the free preview video.

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