Flip Flop Fucking

In the Corbin Fisher world Lucas does most of the fucking. He has had his ass plowed a few times, but by far, he tops a lot more than he bottoms. And since it's been too long since this stud has had a nice, hard dick up his hot ass, Corbin Fisher decided to make an event of it. Dave is a relative newcomer to the Corbin Fisher gang, although he' has made eight features since he first jacked off a few months back. Dave is bisexual and he admitted in his solo that he loves getting fucked - he loves taking cock as much as he loves giving it - and it's a big part of why he's happily bisexual. A few weeks back Lucas fucked Dave's ass in a hot session and it was quite obvious that Dave loved the drilling he was getting. Corbin Fisher wanted to pair up these two horny studs guys again, but this time, he wanted Dave to take a stab at Lucas's tight fuck hole. Once they got it into, they got so worked up that their own urges took over. Lucas fucked Dave every which way he could, and Dave was enjoying Lucas's cock so much that, for a time, it looked like this flip flop fucking session wasn't going to happen. But eventually, Lucas couldn't avoid it anymore and it was time for him to get reacquainted with bottoming. Dave lied back on the bed and Lucas rode his cock good and fast. This pushed both guys over the edge. When they couldn't take it anymore, Dave got down on his knees and took Lucas's cum load in his mouth while pumping out a juicy load of his own.



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