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Richard is a horny, straight guy with a huge cock. And with a cock that big his hand gets a little sore after a while. He loves that he can wrap his whole fist around his big dick and pump, but when the guys at Stroke That Dick introduced Richard to the Fleshlight he was thrilled. He slides his big dick deep inside the jack off toy, and he can't believe how good it feels on his cock. It feels just like a really ass or pussy, and he loves fucking both. He pumps the Fleshlight slowly up and down his thick and long shaft and he moans with pleasure. He's got a big set of nuts that hang freely between his hairy legs. But don't worry, Richard's not going to blow his load deep inside that Fleshlight. That would be a shame. When Richard is close to blowing his load, he slips it off his cock and finishes himself off the good old fashioned way. And you'll be thrilled he did. He squirts several huge streams of cum. Flying through the air they land on the sheet below. And judging by the size of that load of cum, he really did enjoy playing with the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Jack Off

Richard pumps his big dick deep inside his Fleshlight and it feels great on his cock. It doesn't take him long before he's ready to blow his load.

Flying Cum Shot

And when Richard blows, several huge streams of cum fly out of his cock and land on the sheets below. It's a big, creamy load, and you won't believe how much this stud shoots.

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