For those who have tried out the Fleshlight, you know what I'm talking about when I say that it's the next best sensation to the real thing. Ryan and Billy of Bang Bang Boys know all too well and have a ton of fun with a pair of them here. Muscled, tatted, and hung, these two youths are fucking hot. What they do with the Fleshlights is only the beginning to a scenario that will have your boner screaming for release.


Gee you'd amost think these two guys were twins or brothers. They're not though we assure you. LOL. On their knees and humping their fleshlights, Ryan and Billy's boners are nice and hard already. Don't worry, you'll get to see them. He He.


There we are. Nice pose here. They look as though they're ready for some hot and naughty fun don't they? Well Bang Bang Boys has a free video of these guys playing with their toys and getting really worked up. It's something a bit different and sometimes different is good. Wouldn't you agree?

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