Bang Bang Boys feature a great video shot in the photographer's hotel. Davyd and Guy engaged in some rimming and helped each other with the fleshJack, which lead to an amazing cum shot. They're quite convinced they'll be able to get them to do more in the future too. That would be most welcome as these guys are prime BBB material. Heavily muscled, hung like studs, and drop dead fucking gorgeous. The rimming shots for this preview are just sublime. Spread open holes and long tongues take care of business and will most likely get you as hard as cast iron. They did to me.


Check out that delicious looking butthole. I really don't know why some people find the human sphincter so repulsive. For me it's one of the most amazing features on a man. Seriously. Especially when it looks as good as this.


Gee I wonder what this guy's waiting for. What a fucking hot ass. I want it. Now!! LOL. These guys have such nice tans. And when they're bent over like this the mind just reels with all kinds of possiblities. How about a spanking to start things off?


There's one of those darn fleshjacks again. I must admit they do feel quite nice around your organ. It sucks your meat right in and really grabs a hold of it. It will never replace a great blowjob but I found it better than my hand. Which has a lot of experience in hand jobs. Oops. Bang Bang Boys are great in that they never repeat themselves. It's always something different and you really don't know what you're going to get. Check out the free video previews and you'll know what I mean.

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