Flesh 'N' Boners

These guys take their Flesh 'N' Boners seriously. Check the About page: they say no one reads it, but I did and it's very brief. They like to collect images of guys showing off boners in and out of clothing, and they will find these photos anywhere and post them. If yours turns up here and you want it off, just tell them. You can send in notes and comments and give compliments, and you can also check out the various posts that are listed as the top ten from the site. It's all for nothing, of course; that is, no cost to you. There is text to read as well as images of all kinds of guys. So you can be intellectual and say you are here for the text and written views (there's not a lot of either), or you can just be pervy like me and scroll down to see: naked guys with bubble butts, hard cocks, porn stars, famous names, softcore underwear shots, bulges, hard and soft dicks in wet underwear and more. There are the usual social networking follows and links, you can comment, and do all that kind of typical blog stuff, and it looks like we're getting new photos and posts frequently.

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