I first saw Kobe on another site a while back. With his exotic look and beautiful body he really stood out for me. He was pumped up and posing, and he looked damned good - but no real masturbation. Since then I've seen him a couple more times, always looking confident, hunky and good as always, but never the way I wanted to see him. Well, Dixter just went into their vaults and pulled out their first shoot of Kobe, one that they never used till now, and I thought I'd share it with you. The camera guy at Dixter says that Kobe actually brought his girlfriend to this shoot - apparently she likes to watch him get naked in front of other guys.

That cocky, sexy attitude, those sensuous lips, the hair around his nipples - and especially his bedroom eyes. Everything about Kobe seems to say "I love to fuck!"


Kobe had no problem showing off his calves, balls and especially that firm, muscled ass for the camera, but apparently it took more than a little convincing to get him to spread it.


And how about this closeup of Kobe's cock with its shiny head! In every shoot I've ever seen him in, he gets it hard and keeps it hard, and I love watching him play with it in this flashback jackoff scene!


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