Damn I love how talented some gay men are. It's sites like Flaming Artist which make my chest swell with pride that our society is becoming open enough to appreciate hardcore gay animation. One you get past the adult warning page, don't be daunted by the main page. It's a drawing of a bar room of gay dudes playing pool and smoking cigars. However, your main menu is at the top of the page. "Publications", "Commissioned Art", "Bio", and "Upcoming Events" appear as signs in the bar itself. Wonderful illustrations of men engaged in serious hot and erotic gay love will meet you at any of these links. Whether black and white or alive with vibrant coloring, each creation is enough to make anyone who appreciates this kinds of art sigh with awe and perhaps even pick up a hardon. I know they did for me. The site itself is a little strange to navigate. From each link on the main page you will end up on a page that shows the artist's rates and the like. In order to see examples of his work, you will need to click in the main on the left. Enjoy!

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