Flaccid cocks

It's not hard... Let's start that again without the pun. It's not difficult to see why this site is a bit of a draw. It's because it is a nice change from the usual porn that I look at each day. Flaccid Affairs is all about limp dicks, soft cocks, flaccid members and all that jazz. But that doesn't mean it's a flaccid site - far from it; it's got a large archive, it's regularly updated and looked after. It's hanging loose and free and anyone can come and take a look and it is all about, obviously, dicks that are not hard. They are all attached to guys, of course, and the site does seem to go out of its way to find hunky and good looking, model-quality guys, rather than us amateurs. There are, though, some public nudity shots with ordinary guys on marches or at events who have their dicks out, and there are some average looking men, but most of the time here the wonderfully soft dicks are sported by sporty, fit and handsome men. So, like I said, there's nothing hard about viewing this site, it's all very easy and makes a nice change from the usual hard-dick hardcore.

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