Fit Athletic Nicoli Dominates and Barebacks His Buddy Archer Fit Athletic Nicoli Dominates and Barebacks His Buddy Archer

Nicoli Cole is a super fit young lad, capable of some amazingly well co-ordinated yoga positions and this was what he was doing recently when his buddy from Dallas Reeves walked past his room. The curtains were open and Archer could see Nicoli doing some sexy poses - so he opened the door and walked on in, with a noticeable penis bulge in his pants - that did not go unnoticed by Nicoli!

Nicoli finished off his yoga session, then took off his pants and showed off his totally naked body and very nice semi-hard uncut cock to Archer while doing a few more yoga positions. Archer was pretending to be interested in the yoga, when in fact his was Nicoli's dick that really had all his attention!

Nicoli was just as interested in Archer, and the guys were soon both naked, and Archer was chowing down on Nicoli's cock - deep-throating it right down to the balls! Nicoli was no slouch at cock sucking either, and when it was his turn he reciprocated nicely, but was really more interested in Archer's butt and arsehole. He rimmed and fingered it repeatedly, until it was nice and wet and slippery - just the way he wanted it, as he planned on fucking it as soon as he could!

They got into position for some doggie-style sex, and Nicoli inserted his hard uncut cock all the way to the balls in one long slow stroke - then he pulled it almost all the way out, before ramming it all the way back in. This guy fucks like his dick is a piston, but only one speed - fast and continuous! Then they swapped positions, and Archer was on his back, legs spread, butt pointing up into the air - Nicoli re-positioned himself, grabbed hold of Archer's ankles and rammed that cock all the way back in and started pile-driving Archer's butt - and Archer was loving it all - his own cock was rock-hard and he was in a good position to stroke it, and soon took advantage of that!

A few minutes later they again swapped around and Nicoli started doing push-ups - literally - with his cock somehow managing to stay in Archer's hole the whole time - this guy is so fit and capable of some amazing feats of strength! Eventually tho, it's time to cum, and Nicoli spews his load all over Archer's raw hole and then shoves his dick back in for a nice cream=pie. Archer then wanks his own cock and positions himself so that he squirts his load right into Nicoli's mouth!

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