Riding a Hard Cock

Alex appeared on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back pumping out his first load. He's a 20-year-old muscle jock and I was pretty sure that we'd be seeing more of him. A few weeks later, he got his first blowjob from a guy when Matt got down on his knees. This is Alex's first time fucking another guy's ass. Alex is incredibly comfortable and easygoing, so his shoots generally go pretty well. Rather than being overwhelmed by nerves, or overly anxious, or stiff as a board in a bad way, Alex jumps right in and gets into the action. He's there to have a good time, so why not just go with it? Alex is paired up with Trent, who has become a sort of unofficial bottom boy of Corbin Fisher and he's serviced a number of the alumni since he got his cherry popped by Dawson. Trent gets worked over by this buff, muscular stud in an incredibly intimate and passionate fuck scene. They kiss and Trent crawls on top of Alex, rubbing their cocks together, their cocks stiffen up. And then, Trent mounts Alex's hard pole and goes for a ride. With Alex's cock buried up his ass, Trent shoots one amazingly huge load all over his belly. And then Alex adds to the pool.

Sucking Straight Cock

Fucking Guy's Ass

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