First Time Fuck

It was only a couple of weeks ago that long-haired Jared fucked his first guy. Now, this week at Corbin Fisher, Jared is already losing his cherry in a little guy-on-guy fucking. Wow! He's moving through his gay sex education pretty quickly. Jared was understandably nervous, but Corbin Fisher paired him up with Derek, who is pretty skilled at breaking in fresh bottoms. Derek really takes his time at warming Derek up and the foreplay is pretty hot. The guys kiss deeply and passionately, and Derek works Jared's fuck hole gently with his fingers and tongue. He was really sensitive about making sure that Jared's first time fuck was going to be memorable in a good way, and it's so hot to watch. Derek slowly slides his cock inside of Derek, giving the long-haired stud time to adjust to every inch of cock. Gradually, Derek begins to speed up and pretty soon, he's pumping fast and deep, and pushing Jared pretty close to the edge. The looks on Jared's face are pretty amazing. He goes from uncertainty through a little discomfort to full-fledged ecstasy as his new fuck buddy pounds his hole. With Derek's cock buried deep inside of him, Jared blasts off a beautiful load of cum all over his belly. And judging by the size of that load, he enjoyed himself.



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