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Joe has already used his big, meaty uncut dick on Corbin Fisher's Travis and Matt, but this week he's going to find out how it feels to get boned. He's paired up with Brent, who is a master when it comes to breaking in first timers. Brent is dominant, yet in a playful and intimate way. And Joe gave himself to Brent and let himself be dominated. Brent loves it when he gets to be the first guy to introduce a virgin guy to anal sex. He preps Joe's hole with his mouth and fingers, and slides his big dick into Joe's mouth. And then finally, Brent holds Joe's hands, pressing them into the mattress, and starts burying his big dick deep inside Joe's virgin ass. While pumping his cock into Joe's ass, Brent reaches around and strokes Joe's cock until the virgin shoots a huge load. Joe's moans, whimpers and facial expressions really turned on Brent, and he shot a big stream of jizz up Joe's back.

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