Gabe and Dawson have a little history together at Corbin Fisher. The last time they were in a room together, blonde-haired Dawson was manning the camera while Gabe beat off and shoot his load. Dawson jacked himself off after Gabe left the room. Ever since then, Corbin Fisher has been on a mission to get these two together. And finally it happened, a side by side jack off session. Throughtout the video these two can be seen sneaking glances of the other and they pump their meat. It's only natural to check your neighbour out, see how he's doing, see how he's measuring up. But in this picture the two of them are staring at Gabe big cock, and the look on Gabe's face is: "Yeah, I know it's big." Gabe and Dawson also compare muscles, builds, and biceps --there's a lot of testosterone flying around that room. While Dawson's cute, I've always been a brunette man myself. He has a gorgeous body and an impressive cock. This is one of Corbin Fisher's more tame videos of late, although for Gabe, being his first time jacking off with another guy, I'm sure it felt quite over the top. Wait until Corbin asks Gabe back to get his cock sucked, and then to fuck another guy, and then to get fucked. The poor boy doesn't know the classes that are waiting for him at Corbin Fisher University.

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