First Time Guy on Guy Fucking

Shaggy-haired Jared first appeared on Corbin Fisher a few weeks back, and in fairly short order, he was getting his first blowjob from another guy. Now, this week, Jared is paired up with Nick for his first guy-on-guy fucking scene. When Nick sucked Jared's cock for the first time, the lean stud looked like he was in another world. Later, when Corbin Fisher was setting up Jared's first fucking scene, Jared shared that he was a little curious about what it felt like to fuck another guy. And he was soon to find out. Logan was to be Jared's bottom, and the experienced Corbin Fisher stud didn't hold anything back. From the very beginning he was all over Jared, licking him all over, sucking his thick dick, and kissing him in between. Jared was caught off guard. He was enjoying it, there's no doubt about that, but it looks like he was more than a little surprised that guy-on-guy sex could feel so hot. Logan started off sitting on Jared's thick cock, and as he moans with pleasure, Jared's feeling pretty stoked about making another guy feel so good. Jared even grabs a hold of Logan's cock and strokes it with Logan bouncing fast and furious on the stud's hard dick. And then Logan gets down on all fours and Jared fucks him hard, sending the cock hungry stud over the edge. After Logan shoots his load, Jared fires one off all over Logan's ass.



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