First Time Fucking Guy

Cain had no sooner finished shooting his first-ever solo (literally) and Corbin Fisher was talking to him about his future plans. Would he be willing to do some guy-on-guy stuff? Corbin Fisher has his straight site where these guys all get to fuck chicks, but he sort of holds that out as a teaser - if you want to fuck the girls, you've gotta do the dudes first.

So Corbin Fisher pairs Cain up with Josh and his 8-inch cock. Cain is pleasantly surprised when Josh slides Cain's cock all the way down his throat. (These silly straight guys will never learn: gay men know how to suck dick.) Cain was a little hesitant about the reciprocating part, but it'd be rude not to suck Josh's cock. So Cain gave it a whirl. Josh gets down on all fours and Cain even gives Josh's ass a taste. (This really is a day of firsts.)

Then Cain sticks his cock in Josh's ass and slides it home. He fucks Josh for a bit and warms him up, and then, Cain sits back on the bed and lets Josh ride his cock. He's really getting into how much Josh is enjoying his cock. He's thinking, "Wow! This guy really loves having my cock inside of him." (Wait for it, Cain, your turn is coming.) When they finally settle into a rhythm, Josh is lying back on the bed jerking his cock while Cain thrusts into his ass. Josh splatters his load all over himself and Cain pulls out and finishes off by dumping his load in Josh's mouth. Very hot!

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