First Time Ass Fucking

Apparently Gabe has been a hold-out on Corbin Fisher. Gabe is the one doing the fucking and not many thought they would ever see the day - even Corbin Fisher had his doubts. But it's finally here! Gabe fucks another guy! I know a lot of you don't think this is a big deal because you porbably don't really believe these guys are straight. But I've seen many of these guys on Amateur College Sex, a Corbin Fisher property where the guys fuck girls (sometimes in solos and sometimes with other guys). I've seen the same looks of ecstasy on their faces over there. So I'm pretty convinced that most of these guys are straight or gay-for-pay. Gabe engaged in his first ever guy/guy sexual contact with Dawson in their bi and blowjob videos. This first-time fuck video took place on the farm that the Corbin Fisher guys visited recently and Mr. CF ponied up enough cash to get Gabe to come along and agree to his first time topping another guy. And how exciting! We finally get to see that big, thick dick of Gabe's plowing another guy's hole! TJ was the perfect candidate because he's the best Corbin's got when it comes to taking a big dick up his butt. And when Gabe realizes how good a cock feels up a man's tight butt hole, he just fucks happily away.

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