Straight Guys First Ass Fucking

Good-looking jock Gage has been working his way through the Corbin Fisher ranks. He started off jacking off, then getting a blowjob, and then fucking another guy. There's always a lot of anticipation at this point to see whether a new Corbin Fisher straight guy is going to go all the way. Will they take the plunge and sit on another guy's cock. And in Gage's case, he did. I figured he would. When I saw how attention and passionate he was with his other partners, I thought, this is a guy who isn't afraid to explore his sexuality. And when he's in the moment, he's really in that moment and giving it his all. If he ends up not liking it, well fine, but at least while he's sucking a guy's cock and fucking a guy's ass, he's going to give it everything he's got. Corbin Fisher paired Gage up with Dawson and the two are on fire. For half of the video, Gage and Dawson kiss and suck one another's cocks. For the last half of the video, Gage gets his first fuck, and Corbin Fisher gives us a good close up of Gage sitting on a cock for the first time.

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