Forced Sex

Archie is convicted for petty theft and sent off to Borstal, a correctional facility. He grimaces as the judge hands out the sentence; he remembers what happened the last time he went to prison. And he's dreading that first night in jail. When he arrives and heads to his assigned bunk, he's "greeted" by Fred Faurtin and Tyson, a couple of UK Naked Men thugs who run things is Archie's new home. As Archie puts his things down on his bed, Tyson gives him a boot in the back, then he presses Archie's face to the floor with his boot and Fred snarls in his ear, "You are fucked!" Things heat up when the lights go out. After the prison is asleep, Fred jumps out of his bunk and wrestles Archie into submission. With Tyson's help, Archie is forcibly stripped out of his clothes and laid naked on his bunk. The men then take turns sucking Archie's big, uncut dick and forcing their own massive, thick cocks down his throat. After getting their big dicks serviced by this new inmate, the spunk starts to fly. Then Archie is marched off to the showers to wash away the evidence. His face and naked body are covered in dripping, sticky cum. As Fred and Tyson rinse off the new prisoner, they share a knowing smirk: Archie is going to make the rest of their stay at Borstal much more interesting!

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