Until now, The Guy Site has featured only solo picture galleries and videos. They have had one scene with two guys -- Pault and Trent -- jacking off in the same room, but they didn't get near one another, and they certainly didn't touch one another. This week's update is special then because it features these same two guys, several months later, in the first gay sex scene at The Guy Site. TGS is a new find for me, I only discovered it about a month ago. I was impressed with the guys on the site because they're an eccletic collection of the kind of guys that turn on the site owner. So you're just as likely to see a fit and smooth, muscle jock as you are a bearded hairy man. In their first shoot together, they guys got naked and jacked off. The producer had to keep asking them to move closer together so they could both be in frame. There didn't seem to be any chemistry. After three months of negotiations with The Guy Site finally got them to agree to having sex with another guy on the site. Paul, the one with the close-cropped hair, was apparently read for another shoot with Trent right away, but Trent needed some coaxing. But once they got together, there was definitely chemistry. The interesting thing about this whole situation is that The Guy Site always gets the models to sign a picture. And Paul and Trent both signed their picture together, but someone put a heart around their names. I think we have something developing between a couple of "straight" guys. Don't you just love it when guys finally start to figure out who they really are.

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