Gay Ass Fucking

Rick made his Corbin Fisher debut 10 updates ago in a solo jack off session. Three updates ago he got his first blowjob from another guy. And now, this week he's fucking his first guy's ass. Rick's grown a bit of facial hair since his first appearance and he's looking pretty hot. In this ass fucking video Rick was obviously nervous at first. Whenever TJ moved up to lick around Rick's neck, Rick moved his head to the side. He wasn't ready yet for a guy-on-guy kiss. But by the end of this video, Rick was ready for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Each Corbin Fisher guy knows what it's like to have his first guy-on-guy experience. They all went through it. And they're sensitive about what the other guy is going through and help him along through the experience. TJ, who is Rick's fuck partner, went through this with Ben, who happened to be his best friend before coming to Corbin Fisher. TJ starts off the session licking and kisses Rick's chest, and then, dives down for a little toe sucking. TJ gets to work on Rick's cock, and when it's hard, he sits on it backwards so Rick can watch his hard cock sliding into TJ's ass. (I think it's all a comfort level thing - these guys know it's going to be hard looking a guy in the face when you're shoving your cock up his ass for the first time.) But pretty soon Rick is comfortable and he rolls TJ over on his back. Holding TJ's legs, Rick fucks him hard until TJ blows a load all over his own belly. And then TJ finishes off Rick with a hot blowjob.



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