Guys Fucking Outdoors

Last time I blogged about Kirk, he was fucking some ass on the Corbin Fisher farm in Outdoor Sex. And Kirk has fucked another Corbin Fisher alumni, too; but this week, this cute, muscle stud is taking his turn on the bottom. When he agreed to try out guy-on-guy sex, he was aware that this day would come. Dru has quickly proven himself as a guy who can give us a wild time. And Dru is all over Kirk right from the start, throwing him back on the couch for some kissing and almost tearing his clothes off. He goes down on Kirk and swallows his dick right down to the balls. Kirk returns the favour, strips his new-found buddy of his clothes and devours his stiff cock. Although this is Kirk's first time getting fucked, he's pretty eager to make it happen; so he lowers himself on Dru's dick and starts bouncing up and down. Brave boy! Kirk controls the fuck scene for quite a while, but then Dru bends Kirk over and slides his cock into Kirk's hole and works it with long strokes. There are some great close-up shots as we watch every inch Dru's big cock sliding into Kirk's greased hole. The guys end up is a missionary position and this seems to do the trick; it's not long before Kirk blurts out, "Oh, I'm about to cum!" Dru speeds up his thrusts, determined to fuck a load out of Kirk. And does he ever!

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