Finally - Zac Efron's Cock!

OK, my gays, you better be holding on tight to your spunk-stained DVD's of High School Musical flicks, 'cos Zac Efron has given us the moment every HOMO has been waiting for since he burst on to the scene!

Yup, we all can finally see what Zac is working with in the downstairs department. Of course, he did not pose for some smutty magazine or anything like that - these pics were shot by paparazzi while he was in Sydney, Australia, and they have spread faster than my ass cheeks at a gang bang! It seems that everyone is talking about the pics. But of course the talk is mainly about how disappointed most were when they saw that Zac is well.... "average" when it comes to cock size.


I don't know what people were expecting. I mean, I look at Zac Efron with clothes ON and I could have told you he wasn't Long Dong Silver. Zac must not be very happy at this moment due to the fact that his "junk" is all over the web and on almost every gay blog out there. I guess he just has to be more careful next time, or maybe now that everyone has seen his cock no one will really care anymore.

Of course, I always like to ask my fellow Gaydemon readers what they think, so what do you make of Zac's cock? Are ya happy to finally see Mr.Efron's dick or would you have rather kept the fantasy of thinking he was mega hung? Let's hear what YOU gotta say!

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