Gay barebacking closeup

How many times a day do you find yourself thinking: " Man, I wish there were some hot guys into BB only near me and a quick way to find them!"

Well, apparently you can!

I received an email from a friend EAGER to share his latest hookup from; boy, was I surprised!


(Really Quick : BarebackRT is just like and and the always convenient Grindr, except you don't have to worry about harassment from "Safe-only" members and are only on with like-minded BB lovers. )

It was a face that's VERY familiar to all of us in the industry (and a face I've often dreamed of spilling my babies on), and considering some of his close affiliations and pretty staunch stance on bareback on film, i'm a little disappointed in the baby-faced, blonde, power bottom. Not because he's into bareback, I could care less. I was sad because despite my efforts I haven't gotten MY turn!

So who is the star? I'm not telling 'cause I'm a classy bitch ... and i know I shouldn't gossip but, I'm sure u can sign up and find out; I did!

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