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Today I'm mixing gay porn with a little scandal. The Daily Star revealed on December 11 that TV SKATER STUART WIDDALL QUITS TO BECOME GAY PORN STAR. The name Stuart Widdall will probably mean little to North Americans, but to the British, he's been burning up the ice on a reality television show called Dancing on Ice. Figure Skater Widdall has been living a bit of a double life skating for the cameras as Stuart Widdall and filming hardcore gay porn as Trey Thornton for UK Naked Men. And in fact the photo used in the Daily Star photo is in fact owned by UK Naked Men, you can even see that one and a whole series of photos in the UKNM member's area.

Back in September UK Naked Men released a scene with Trey Thornton and a hot stud named Giovanne. In this scene Trey decides to treat himself to a male escort, so he dials and soon swarthy and good-looking stud Giovanne is standing at Trey's door.

Trey is down on his knees in no time flat and wrapping his lips around Giovanne's underwear bulge. Then Trey pulls out Giovanne's stiffening cock and takes a swallow. Giovanne soon finds himself on his knees slobbering all over Trey's uncut cock. The escort bends Trey over and starts fingering Trey's fuck hole. Look at how hard and curved Giovanne's cock is as he's kneeling on the floor.

Giovanne thrusts his hard dick up Trey's ass and eventually the guys end up on the floor with Trey sitting on the escorts dick. Then Trey Thornton gets down on all fours and Giovanne fucks the cum out of him and feed him his own load. This scene is on fire and is about as far as you can get from icy skating rinks. Whether he calls himself Stuart Widdall or Trey Thornton, it looks like this horny stud has a bright new career ahead of him. Check out the preview video at UK Naked Men.

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