Naked Fighting with Audience

I've been enjoying the gay wrestling matches over at Naked Kombat. It's a big turn-on watching guys rolling around a mat in their jockstraps - or naked - and fighting it out. It's always hot wondering who is going to win the match. Whose ass is going to get boned? This week, Naked Kombat ramped things up a bit when they had Dean Tucker and Drake Jaden battling it out in front of a live audience. Dean Tucker has fought on the site before and this week he's looking to add another victory to his 1-1 record. Drake Jaden hasn't experienced defeat yet and he is ready to do anything to avoid racking up his first loss, especially in front of a mob of 50 men. With the crowd roaring, the two fighters head into their first round in tight underwear, then the jockstrap round, and finally, the nude round. The adrenaline pumping, and there's public humiliation at stake, so these fighters really let it all out. But who is going to get boned? Head over to Naked Kombat and watch the free preview video and find out.

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