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Shane Erickson is a glutten for punishment. The 23-year-old, lean stud has fought for his ass before on Naked Kombat. And he's back for another match. His opponent this time is big muscular Rusty Stevens. While Shane is in excellent shape, Rusty has a good 30 or 40 pounds on him and it's all muscle! Is Shane biting off more than he can chew? Rusty is a new fighter on Naked Kombat, so I have no idea of his fighting capabilities. Is he just nice to look at, or can he hold his own on the mats? It's not long before these two fighters are ripping the jockstraps off one another. With their legs wrapped around one another and squeezing tight, it's little surprise these studs are popping boners. With your cock pressed into another guy's face and your legs wrapped around his head, it's hard to stop nature from taking it's course. In the end Shane is over powered and Rusty proves himself the better fighter. Shane has to offer up his ass to his fighting buddy and gets plowed right there on the mats.

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