Personally there are some pretty hot guys out there, who perform in sex videos, that has me thinking. Just how much do they sacrifice for their fifteen minutes of fame?

Like do the Bel Ami stars, really live in a better lifestyle than the average college jock, who gets whoever he wants? Or how about the sexy young stud that gets picked up at the bars, whenever he wants, like Justin in the Showtime Series Queer As Folks?

Mind you, I also wonder about this whole separation between actors and porn stars. Now after seeing a slew of porn flicks, and finding the only redeeming quality being that it ended, I also wonder why they are even called actors? Seriously, if you look at most of the stuff out there, what acting are you seeing? Hell, the most dialogue you get is 'oh yeah fuck me hard bitch' or some other inane dribble. Like that makes them actors?

It just seems that we are blurring things a bit too much, thanks to the preponderance of people willing to just drop their pants, get screwed, and blow the cash on drugs and booze. Not that mainstream Hollywood is much different, I mean they certainly seem to know how to party too, which makes me shake my head. I mean there are definitely some rather good looking guys in front of the camera, and not just because they have long uncut dicks either.

You can see more in their face, you can see their expressions as they are being sucked off, or as they penetrate another guy. So why aren't porn producers exploiting that ability more? Why is it that the only criteria for a good porn star is how long they can keep their pecker stiff?

Sure there are a couple of studios, where their stars seem to keep on producing, but not for years and years. Okay, maybe in the more Mature market they do, but not in the twink field. And it isn't just because they got older either. I mean I have watched too many videos, where they list an all twink cast, and a few of the guys are way over the age of 25, let along 22.

I mean if a good porn story has a decent lead up, a bit of character development, it makes the sex action that much hotter. It makes the reader more excited, more into the fantasy, which is the goal. So how come that same standard doesn't exist in porn videos?

There are a handful of sites that do it, that create the fantasy by using different sets for the sex, but not a whole lot. Sure it costs more money, but come on, we pay for it. Like all those cookie cutter sites make a killing, which bugs the hell out of me. Surely we should be throwing money at the better stuff, so we can get more of them.

Think about it, if we stopped accepting what is tossed at us, maybe they'll start hiring not only big dicked guys, but guys who can put a couple of sentences together, and not just some faked huffing and moaning.

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