The word fetish is frequently defined along these lines: an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

I believes that fetishes have value and meaning. I am a firm supporter of them, and even if I didn't have a couple of my own fetishes, I would still believe that people should have the right to express and explore them. Most people have a fetish of some sort, even if it is very mild and not necessarily required for sexual gratification. But there are others who are much more intense and must have their fetishes involved in their sexual activities or they cannot achieve any sort of pleasure. This opens up a vast psychological pool of exploration that we can't possibly cover in a few hundred words, so let's just crack the lid open a bit.

Even if you don't have a fetish or don't necessarily understand why it is so important to some people, you probably at least have a general idea of why these fixations exist. Many fetishes are quite easy to understand. A leather fetish makes sense even if you have no interest in leather. For some people, feeling leather on their skin or admiring another person dressed in leather clothing turns them on. A foot fetish is simple to grasp. It's a sexual obsession with a part of the body that, while it may not be commonly seen as sexually stimulating, it is understandable why some people would see it that way. It's the same reason that people get hot for asses or legs or chests or arms. Feet are just another body part that some see as erotic. Uniform fetishes are easy to understand, too. All you have to do is see an extraordinarily hot sailor get off a boat and walk across the dock to realize why some people totally get off on having sex with guys in uniform. So, whether you relate to these fetishes or not, they should make sense to you because the logic is right in front of you.

Again, though we may not understand all of this, it is important to allow people the right to embrace their sexual quirks and kinks without judgment as long as no one is harmed in the process. But I gotta tell ya, boys, there is one fetish that I just cannot support, and that is sexual play with poop. That's right. Call it what you will. Some call it scat, some call it doody-play, some call it turd-tickling. Whatever. It all amounts to sexual gratification from being shat upon, rubbing shit upon one's self or others, and in some extreme cases, eating shit. Hmmm. Do ya think there's something just a little wrong here? Call me crazy, but how exactly can any of us justify supporting this kind of behavior? Poop players go way beyond expressing a fetish. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that such activities are incredibly unsanitary, unhealthy, and can result in a variety of illnesses including Hepatitis. Make no mistake. There is something inherently wrong with individuals who gain sexual gratification from eating or playing with feces. It is not simply a fetish. It is a product of a mental disorder that needs serious and focused attention.

Having said all of this, perhaps you are thinking that I have contradicted myself. Here I have said that we should support people's fetishes because it is their right to be kinky. Then, I follow it by saying that such is true except for people who play with poop. Am I discriminating against scat lovers? You bet I am. Think about it, folks. Do you think someone who pops a boner when they watch someone take a shit is someone that has both oars in the water? Is a guy who eats his buddy's kaka off a plate someone you'd want to have lunch with? Scat lovers have a problem, and instead of encouraging them to relish their fetish, we should be encouraging them to kick the habit by first understanding why their obsession exists, and then learning how to conquer it. If you think I'm being needlessly discriminatory, go check out a scat Web site and look at all the pictures and videos, then tell me if I'm being too harsh'after you lose your lunch, that is.

I expect there are scat lovers who would vehemently disagree with me and could, in their own minds, provide a logical rationale for the nature of their fetish. I encourage anyone who disagrees with my perspective on this subject to write to us and tell us why. Perhaps I am being short-sighted, but I doubt it. I don't think even Mr. Hanky himself would advocate defecating on your boyfriend's face for kicks. Am I right or am I right, huh?

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