Fetiches - Machos Peludos

Posted by on October 3, 2010 4:01 PM


Fetiches - Machos Peludos is a hairy guy site, with particular - although not total - emphasis on Mediterranean men. Let me rephrase that: with particular emphasis on Mediterranean Adonii. Holy crap, but these are some spiffy guys, ans we're talking in all their masculine, well-muscled, hairy glory. Sure, there are more "Northern types" as well as a few hot Asian studs in this very large and archive-rich blog, but snapping shots of studly Israeli's, Greeks and a few of those hot Persians won't hurt my feelings. I hasten to mention as well that the element of total nudity is also very much alive. In his "Marcedores" (or category) section, check out the "Big Dick" list for some entertainment of the first order. Indeed, this blog is not just what's on the front page. Rather, it explores everything, from domination and some roped up studs to guys having it off together. Generally, however, this is about fine-ass men - and lots of them. Very cool blog.

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