Felix Pounds Cristian Torrent's Ass

If ever there was a great All Real Bareback pairing it would be these two hot leather studs. Felix fell totally in lust with porn star Christian Torrent's spectacular buttocks and immediately set to work on getting them loose and pliable with his tongue and hands. Christian had been fucked before but had never felt such deft and precision when it came to rimming and finger filling. Felix could tell he was getting the job done right and when he knew he had his bottom to the point of sheer bliss, he took the plunge inside the gorgeous man's hoop. The frenzy builds to such a degree that it may melt your mind in the process of engorging your rod with blood. No worries though. Once you see Felix release his thick load and fill up Christian's innards, your cock will be ablaze with a fire that is most pleasant.

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