• Top #Selfies of the Week: Juicy Jocks

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Juicy Jocks

    Oh, you didn't think jocks are working out just to look good for others, did you? Nope, they big time want to turn on the most important person in their little jock worlds. Themselves. Quality mirror/selfie time is a key part of any jock's day, just like a balanced breakfast.

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  • Trending Video: Esteban Barebacks Sergi Rodriguez

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    Most viewed video in the last 7 days is Tim Tales update with Esteban and Sergi Rodriguez. Tim Tales fans will be familiar with Esteban's beast of a cock. He's hung like a horse and he loves fucking bare. Sergio is a masculine bottom with a voracious appetite for big dicks, and takes Esteban's huge knob like a pro!

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  • Ask GayDemon: New Gay on the Block

    Ask GayDemon: New Gay on the Block

    I'm 32 and split up with my wife a couple of months ago after I realized I was gay. I want to start seeing guys but am not sure what's the best way. I live in Boston. Gay clubs maybe? I'm quite shy though. And I'm nervous about meeting people from an app.
    -Fresh Out of the Closet

    You're not off to a good start. Being married and sort of in the closet would have made you immensely desirable. And it would have created a reason (besides insane shyness) that you would be looking for some sort of discretion. You've lost your chance to be trade. That's gay slang for a straight guy who can be had after a few cocktails. Or in your case, after a mocktail. Because you don't need to be drunk to screw a guy.

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  • Mr Man's Top 10 Celebrities In Speedos

    Mr Man's Top 10 Celebrities In Speedos

    Top 10 Celebs in Speedos

    Speedo Splendor is this week's playlist from Mr Man. Check out some of the finest bulges in speedos from film and TV and check out which celebrity has got the biggest package! View the full playlist at Mr Man, and view 10 randomly selected for the toplist after the jump. Let us know which speedo bulge is your favourite and who might possibly be missing from the list!

    Click here for the full speedo playlist!

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  • Weekly Price Check: Sean Cody

    Sean Cody

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    Since popular gay porn site Sean Cody changed hands being taken over by the company behind MEN.com, a $1 trial membership was added, meaning everyone can take a look inside and discover what makes the site so great - without breaking the bank. GayDemon's review of Sean Cody highlights benefits such as downloadable videos (no DRM), regular updates (currently every other day), and some of the hottest amateur jocks in America having mostly bareback sex. Click here to check out the tour.

    GayDemon Review Score: 94 / 100

  • Something for the Weekend: A Reason to Eat at Arby's

    Something for the Weekend: A Reason to Eat at Arby's

    Someone is sure taking Arby's "We Have The Meats™" slogan very seriously. Sure they have a metric ton of sandwiches, everything from brisket and ham to chicken and bacon to swordfish and buffalo. Okay, not the swordfish and buffalo. But they do have a Snack 'n Save® menu, perfect for the carnivore on a budget. Still, until that moment some enterprising horndog put dick on the Arby's menu, I wasn't interested.

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  • Guy Watching: Have To Look

    Guy Watching: Have To Look

    Eye contact is everything. As in eye to bulge. Eye to ass. Eye to feet. Eye to muscles. Eye to man. Sure, it's tough to flirt when what you're looking at can't return your gaze. So that's why you need to gussy up on your gay psychic abilities.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Sooooo Suckable

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Sooooo Suckable

    Some cocks are extra suckable. They just make you want to drop to your knees and do your best impression of a vacuum cleaner. Like some horny door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. Now what would that product demo be like?

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  • Trending Video: Jake Jennings & Tyler Rush

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    Poor Tyler has been picked on all week at school, being called a fag. He's hurt and disturbed by it and the only place he can turn to is Cock Virgins teacher, Mr Jennings. Jake Jennings comforts him, they lock eyes and emotions get the better of him. He goes in to kiss his teacher. At first, Jake backs up, but the temptation is all too much for him and he gives in to his student's seduction. Jake goes to his knees and starts sucking Tyler's young cock. Seeing he's cheered up, Jake continues to explore his cute young pupil, fucking him on top of his desk!