• XxxGrindrxxX


    What is one of the most visited gay sites on the web? Why it is Grindr of course. Who hasn't heard or been on Grindr. Known for its brutal honesty, it has spawned a cottage industry of different websites from both fans and critics. These fan sites are devoted to either loving or hating the guys of Grindr. XxxGrindrxxX is one such site that loves these guys. Or rather it loves the skin that is shed.

    The webmaster has pulled the hottest pictures off of Grindr. All starring hot guys exposing their cocks, plus a whole lot more. Which is one of the main criticisms of Grindr. That it is a place for only Caucasian men who are twinks, hunks and other assorted muscle men. Which is what makes up the images on this Grindr fan site. This site is definitely NSFW (not safe for work). So if you are looking for hunks that are the best of the best on Grindr, just click on to this great fan site.

  • RatchetKing


    Ratchet is slang for extra curricular activities after school. But these activities are not so squeaky clean. Rather they are sexually risque. From the back seat, to someone bed room or even a darken movie theater. With Ratchet King, they offer a celebration of black porn, pleasure and so much more.

    But it is that 'more' that seems to be lacking in this site. Black hunks in man on man action is very much front and center. But they seem to lack written content, which every site struggles with. There are written articles to appeal to the gay black reader. But the community and social media aspect of the site is blank. But it is a work in progress. So if you are a fan of black porn, give Ratchet King a look.

  • Shocker: Seth Meyers Joins Drag Race Cast

    seth meyers drag race milk

    Who saw this coming!? Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live fame has a side gig as a drag queen named Milk. And who is Milk? Why one of the 14 queens on the hotly anticipated sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, premiering this February.

    If you're wondering why he looks younger in his Drag Race boy pic than his SNL one, it's because these girls wear a hell of a lot of makeup even when they're dressed as boys. Then RuPaul's age-obsessed team Photoshops the hell out of them. Plus he's just so happy to be on the show.

    Everyone keeping an eye out for which queens disappeared during actual filming this past June/July was not paying attention to Mr. Meyers. Even his wife had no idea!

    As for how Milk will do, remember RuPaul is looking for C.U.N.T. That's Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. Seth, I mean Milk, has Charisma, and a Uniqueness to her look, Nerve for doing live TV for years and Talent for being able to draw such a, as she calls it, "subtle lip." Go Milk!

  • Dale Lazarov

    Dale Lazarov

    Dale Lazarov is one of the best writers working in gay erotic comics today. His specialty is graphic novels, which is the basis for his self-titled website. Describing his work as 'slice of life gay comics porn', all his novels are available for purchase on this site.

    If you are unfamiliar with Dale Lazarov work, his site is a great starting place to get acquainted. All his work is laid out including his most famous series Manly and Sticky. They latter praised by best-selling author Clive Barke as "Sexy, stylish, minimalist...an intense mixture of erotic realism". As Dale says, his work is wholesome gay comics smut at its very best.

  • Bipolar Bear

    Bipolar Bear

    Mental illness is still very much a taboo subject. But the more people talk about it; the more the public is educated. Bipolar Bear is one blog that is attempting to remove the stigma of bipolar disorder.

    Written by Christopher Banks, he is a gay bear who has chronicled his experiences with bipolar disorder. It is a very open and honest account of not only dealing with mental illness. But also all the other aspects of his life that intersect with his disorder. All the ups and downs and everything in between are shared online. Christopher says writing is great way to get stuff out, as his essays are raw and very real. It is sites like these, which move mental illness out of the shadows and into the limelight.

  • Self Pictures

    Self Pictures

    Self Pictures is exactly as its title's describes. The Webmaster has searched the Internet looking for the hottest guys taking the best selfies. This is a site that is definitely NSFW (not safe for work) simply because of all the cock shots that are featured.

    You have good-looking guys either completely naked, or shirtless, or wearing a shirt with no bottom wear. There are a few pictures where the guy is fully clothed. But the common thread is that the cock shot is very much front and center. Only complaint is the lack of variety and race of the guys. I would assume the webmasters tastes in guys are twinks or well-defined guys that are White. Cause that is the only type pf guy featured on this site. But if that is your taste as well, then you will like this site a lot.

  • Fistrik


    Where do you go when you are looking for information on fisting from a gay perspective? Why you go to fistrik.com, which lays out everything you ever wanted to know about gay fisting in great detail.

    Written by a fisting expert from Amsterdam, he covers the fisting scene in Europe. Read up on fist parties in Europe, fisting techniques, free previews of fisting porn movies, fisting etiquette and so much more. Whether you are new to the fisting community or a veteran, you will learn something new when you visit fistrik.com

  • Shirtless Indian Hunks

    Shirtless Indian Hunks

    If you are a fan of hot Bollywood men, then you will like this site. Shirtless Indian Hunks features the sexiest guys from India. No text, just images upon images of Indian guys in all their glory.

    There is no frontal nudity, but plenty of beefcake on display. While this site hasn't been updated since August, there is a healthy archive of pictures from the previous months. However those photos have not been cropped properly and are quite large in size. Which may make downloading this site a long endeavor, if you have a slow Internet connection. That aside this is one of the better sites to find hot looking Indian dudes. So if that is your taste in men, enjoy!

  • Softcore Bachelor Party

    The establishment gay internet is obsessed with posting endearing same sex wedding proposals, preferably if they involved huge production numbers. I am obsessed with this same sex couple choosing to have a shared bachelor party, right down to the lap dancer. Now when will this pair get on Ellen and win a dream vacation? Oh hell, when will this trio get on Ellen and win a dream vacation? Because a vacation is meaningless without a shameless cowboy gym rat lap dancer in tow.

    Warning: If you're offended by the U.S. flag getting dick all over it, then watch this video anyway and enjoy being offended.

    And by the way, where the hell are they? A community college conference room? Sexy!

  • Fresh Balls Review Wins the Internet

    fresh balls amazon review

    No, I wasn't looking for a ball lotion when browsing Amazon but it did come up as a suggested product for some reason. Maybe it was that time I bought tennis balls and a ginger body butter? Or that time I bought golf balls and a grapefruit body butter? Or that time I bought two grapefruits and a liter of semen?

    Now take it away with your review, Mr. Thomas J. Kelly. And let's all recognize this is an Amazon Verified Purchase so he really bought this stuff. Now that's a commitment to comedy. He's a regular Phyllis Diller, except her balls were self-lubricating.