• He Thong Art

    He Thong Art

    If you are looking for some great homoerotic art, this website will fulfill all your needs. He Thong Art presents some of the wildest BDSM and S&M gay sex action that will blow your mind. With over 400 works of art, you will definitely have plenty of images to go through.

    But most of the pictures are Virtual Reality images which are produced by a computer. This is to stimulate an environment and physical presence in either the real world or somewhere that is imagined. Which gives the artist plenty of leeway and freedom to explore various scenarios that would be hard to create under normal circumstances. This is one instance where ones dreams can come true. At least in the virtual reality world.

  • Rugby Sock Lad

    Rugby Sock Lad

    Rugby Sock Lad is one fetish consisting of a variety of sportsmen in their padded feet. What makes this site unique is that the webmaster mixes in photos of himself. He shoots POV (point of view) shots in a variety of positions where we see him in his shoes and socks. Occasionally he does feature images of himself sprawled on his bed. But only from the neck down. So while we never see his face, we see every other part of his body.

    There is no text, so we don't know much about him. But what we do know is that he has a liking for Nike shoes. Plus his socks of choice seems to be lactose, with an affinity for different colors. He also has several pictures that feature him in his underwear sporting an erection. If only we could see his face! But then the mystery would be lost, so maybe it is for the best. But this is a great site for those who love guys in their socks.

  • In Penis Pump News...

    penis pump

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that penis pumps cost the Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011 on 474,000 claims. That's over $360 per claim on average.

    Nobody is questioning the fact that penis pumps are a recognized method of treating noodle dick. The Mayo Clinic says they are for instance, though the Mayo Clinic doesn't use the phrase noodle dick for some reason.

    But HHS is pissed because Medicare super overpaid for the pumps. See people don't buy pumps directly, but rather Medicare has suppliers, which you think would enable an even better deal due to bulk discounts. Like when you buy bulk bin rolled oats at the grocery store instead of the kind in the box made of gold.

    The Department of Veteran Affairs also covers penis pump claims for instance and pays less than half of what Medicare does. So this is good. Medicare has potential to save millions (of dicks and dollar bills).

    Perhaps Medicare should skip the suppliers and just give people sex stamps (like food stamps) which people could use to buy pumps on their own (or human pumps). Why aren't I President?

  • Sore Bottomed Guys

    Sore Bottomed Guys

    Take one handsome jock, pair him up with a cute bottom and wait for the fireworks to start. Sound familiar? But what makes this blog truly unique is the lack of photography featured. Instead text and artwork tell the story. Sore Bottomed Guys is from the mind and imagination of its author. No blood, no serious injuries and no pain. Just hunky guys sporting painful butts.

    The inspiration for this site is taken from slapstick comedy movies where chaos and confusion reigned supreme. But instead of screwball comedy, we get jock-strapped hunks. With all of them falling on their perfect bubble butt in a variety of sexual situations. Each collection of cartoons is accompanied with great stories. Leading the reader on how things have unfolded. Great artwork and fantastic stories makes this site one to bookmark on your computer.

  • Its About The Man

    Its About The Man

    The site Its About The Man truly lives up to its name. From fashion and photography to film and art. Just about anything a straight-gay guy could be interested in, is featured on this website. In addition to tons of eye candy featuring the hottest male models in high quality images.

    Other topics covered include male celebrities, showbiz gossip, sportsmen, underwear, interesting videos and so much more. Truly you need not go anywhere else for your information on the latest guy stuff.

  • The Dark World Chronicles

    The Dark World Chronicles

    The Dark World Chronicles is a gay erotic fantasy tale from the mind of Antonio A. Garrett. It is an online graphic novel that covers the struggles and triumphs of one Thackery Warner, the protagonist in these stories.

    Every night he enters a 'dark world' through his dreams. Upon waking up each morning, Thackery jots downs his nightly experiences in his diary. These stories are a combination of Thackery's subconscious and split persona. History, sci-fi and sex make up the thread of these fantasy story-lines, along with a nod to pop culture and historical LGBT events. This is one visually stimulating piece of fiction and very much worth reading.

  • The Locker Room Killer

    The Locker Room Killer

    As every gay man knows, the locker room has always been a great place to view eye candy. No surprise that the voyeuristic aspect of the locker room has spawned many sites devoted to the subject. One such site is The Locker Room Killer. This site features all the hotness one might expect in the men's locker room. Fit guys, soaking wet men, dudes clad only in towels and the list goes on.

    Most of the pictures on this site are all great amateur pictures taken from the web. So you get a great array of different images. The Webmaster is a fan of soccer, rugby and gym bunnies you get a heavy emphasis on those types of guys. So instead of prowling around the locker room, you can just click to this site from the comfort of your computer.

  • Russian Chiropractic Underwear Lessons

    Here's a demonstration of what objectification looks like. Sure it's just a chiropractor teaching a student proper methods, but fuck. It's true that misalignment of the nipples and balls does cause an overall physical, even mental, imbalance that must be corrected by being in your underwear in YouTube instructional videos.

    This comes under heading "Found Porn" because it's about what you bring to the table. If you look through the world with your dirty dirty eyes, it's amazing what you'll see. In this case, a hot as hell guy doing his best not to spring a boner in the chiro's office. But you know he almost can't help himself. Why, the model is probably jacking off to these videos right now. Okay, probably not, but he is at the gym or an underwear store. Or laying back getting examined. I'm a dreamer.

    P.S. This is not an endorsement of Russian government policies regarding gay stuff.

  • Hot Cops

    Hot Cops

    Getting busted by a cop is the ultimate sexual fantasy of many guys. But a good cop has been hard find...until now. Allowing fantasies to come true, this site features sponsor content with gay porn actors playing the role of cop. But this website consists of not just sponsor content. It features a combination of photos from other tumblr sites and amateur photos of real-life cops (fully dressed).

    Then you have other real-life cops sharing their x-rated photos online. The webmaster must of gone through every gay and straight hook-up site to find those pictures. This is your one and only place to find hot and hunky cops showing off their skin and a whole lot more.

  • Men and Sports

    Men and Sports

    There are different websites showcasing guys playing sports or wearing sportswear. But Men and Sports seem to put all those other sports sites in the dust. This is one great site that has all different type of sports hunks in action. From football to soccer to rugby to wrestling all macho male sports play is covered. Not only are men photographed on the sports field, but in the locker room as well.

    Now before you start surfing this site ay work, be aware this is definitely NSFW (not safe for work). There is no text, but tons of images featuring guys nude or semi-nude in the world of sports, It consists of a combination of pictures pulled from the web, amateurs sportsmen, and sponsor content. So not only do you get a wide range of different sports, but pictures as well from a variety of sources. You won't go wrong click on Men and Sports.