• Chaturbate with GayDemon: Showoff Special

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Showoff Special

    This is some hardcore exhibitionist shit. And you can snort it up to all your piggy jackoff delight. I mean, turning on your webcam for total strangers? Broadcasting your ass and cock to the jerking, huddled masses, yearning to shoot cum? There's a poem in there somewhere.

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  • spotlight

    Guy Watching: Lycra Is Obscene

    Guy Watching: Lycra Is Obscene

    If these outfits were any tighter, the guys inside would get crushed. Yeah I get that are performance fabrics, offering compression, moisture-wicking, comfort, aero (or aqua) dynamics. But, come the fuck on. Lycra (and its cousin Spandex) are mind-blowingly obscene.

    Super tight outfits are the best way to be naked while clothed, showing every bulge, every muscle, every throb in perfect detail. Inviting onlookers. Begging for admiration.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Mirror Studs

    Damn that whole thing where mirrors are two-dimensional because I so want to reach in and touch these studs. Like in one of the rare breaks when they're not touching themselves. Touching their own pecs and cocks and assholes. Rubbing their own balls and thighs. Licking their own biceps. All while snapping photo after photo. Yeah, they need a break, need someone else to take care of the photo snapping and body worship. I'm so goodhearted I'm happy to volunteer.

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Ass Workout

    It's time to work out your ass! By which I mean watch guys work out their asses while you work out your cock. It's kind of the same thing. I mean, doesn't your ass sort of clench when you ejaculate? Mine does! Whether a dick's in it or not.

    First up is an earnest guy who inadvertently flashes his shorts liner in this oh-so-helpful guide to working out your ass at home. Remember, form is incredibly important. So make sure to keep proper form while you jerk off to his easygoing hotness.

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  • Quick Look

    Chaos Men - Glenn and Broderick

    Latin Boyz - Mikey

    Bel Ami Online - Unexpected Threeway Fun

    Maskurbate - Adam makes smoothie

    This week our Quick Look peers into Chaos Men, Latin Boyz, Bel Ami and Maskurbate for some exciting porn we've not yet shown you!

    Glenn services straight guy Broderick's cock at Chaos Men. He's pretty tense about getting his cock sucked by a guy for the first time, while over at Latin Boyz Mikey isn't shy about showing you his uncut latin cock.

    Bel Ami Online updated with some unexpected threeway fun. Check out the video for one of the hottest asses, all wet and shiny, ever seen in porn! Finally, another update from Maskurbate who seem to have an abundance of hot black guys making smut with them recently. Uncut Adam makes a smoothie in the kitchen, stark bollock naked with his great big cock.

  • Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers

    Hot jackers going up and down all night long on Chaturbate. Fueled by everyone who's watching. Knowing guys out there in the internet ether are matching them stroke for stroke.

    You know how dance music has 128+ beats per minute? The rhythms and vocals repeat, enveloping you in the continuous present. One moment the same as the next. Until crescendo hits and the next song starts mixing in. Well jacking off on cam for strangers, 128+ strokes per minute, is the continuous present too. A sexual bubble punctuated by a chat window full of either gushing admiration or silence. But the most important stat is the number of viewers in the room.

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  • Guy Watching: Jock Gear

    Guy Watching: Jock Gear

    Jock gear counts as jock gear whether it's on or freshly off. So if a naked guy is standing there with a swimsuit in his hands, that's a hot jock gear moment. However is a guy goes into a sporting goods store and strips down by the rack of swimsuits, that's not a hot jock gear moment. It's guy's about to get charged with indecent exposure moment. Which, okay, is also hot! Indecent exposure is kinda charming, right?

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Damn Hot Guys

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Damn Hot Guys

    So many men. So many ways to take a selfie. So many reasons to jerk off to them.

    You got your camera between the thighs selfie. Perfect when you need to get your cock, balls and asshole all in frame. It's a really practical use of pixels. So if there's ever a global pixel shortage, this is the way to go. Angle it right and you can even get your face in frame.

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  • Quick Look

    Gypsy needs cash

    Bareback threesome

    Bradley is made a bitch

    Damnien Gunn pounded by Lukas Grande

    Time to take another look at what has been going down elsewhere this week.

    On Debt Dandy a young gypsy needs cash to pay some debts, so he earns krona by taking a dick in his ass, while on Bareback That Hole Tommy Deluca, Nick Tiano and Nick Andrews have a threeway fuck.

    Bradley gets made the frathouse bitch on Fraternity X, taking all the college cocks he can handle. Damien Gunn is getting his ass pounded on Cocky Boys by Lukas Grande.

  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Strip Down

    Male strippers are fucking ridiculous. Tremendously so. Now let me get out my dollars and shove them in their g-strings. Tipping the ridiculous is a radical cultural act. It's a statement that I want more bouncing bulges. I want more shiny chests and razor sharp abs and flexing, humping asses. I want to feel like I have my own own wind-up muscle doll.

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