• Self Pictures

    Self Pictures

    Self Pictures is exactly as its title's describes. The Webmaster has searched the Internet looking for the hottest guys taking the best selfies. This is a site that is definitely NSFW (not safe for work) simply because of all the cock shots that are featured.

    You have good-looking guys either completely naked, or shirtless, or wearing a shirt with no bottom wear. There are a few pictures where the guy is fully clothed. But the common thread is that the cock shot is very much front and center. Only complaint is the lack of variety and race of the guys. I would assume the webmasters tastes in guys are twinks or well-defined guys that are White. Cause that is the only type pf guy featured on this site. But if that is your taste as well, then you will like this site a lot.

  • Fistrik


    Where do you go when you are looking for information on fisting from a gay perspective? Why you go to fistrik.com, which lays out everything you ever wanted to know about gay fisting in great detail.

    Written by a fisting expert from Amsterdam, he covers the fisting scene in Europe. Read up on fist parties in Europe, fisting techniques, free previews of fisting porn movies, fisting etiquette and so much more. Whether you are new to the fisting community or a veteran, you will learn something new when you visit fistrik.com

  • Shirtless Indian Hunks

    Shirtless Indian Hunks

    If you are a fan of hot Bollywood men, then you will like this site. Shirtless Indian Hunks features the sexiest guys from India. No text, just images upon images of Indian guys in all their glory.

    There is no frontal nudity, but plenty of beefcake on display. While this site hasn't been updated since August, there is a healthy archive of pictures from the previous months. However those photos have not been cropped properly and are quite large in size. Which may make downloading this site a long endeavor, if you have a slow Internet connection. That aside this is one of the better sites to find hot looking Indian dudes. So if that is your taste in men, enjoy!

  • Softcore Bachelor Party

    The establishment gay internet is obsessed with posting endearing same sex wedding proposals, preferably if they involved huge production numbers. I am obsessed with this same sex couple choosing to have a shared bachelor party, right down to the lap dancer. Now when will this pair get on Ellen and win a dream vacation? Oh hell, when will this trio get on Ellen and win a dream vacation? Because a vacation is meaningless without a shameless cowboy gym rat lap dancer in tow.

    Warning: If you're offended by the U.S. flag getting dick all over it, then watch this video anyway and enjoy being offended.

    And by the way, where the hell are they? A community college conference room? Sexy!

  • Fresh Balls Review Wins the Internet

    fresh balls amazon review

    No, I wasn't looking for a ball lotion when browsing Amazon but it did come up as a suggested product for some reason. Maybe it was that time I bought tennis balls and a ginger body butter? Or that time I bought golf balls and a grapefruit body butter? Or that time I bought two grapefruits and a liter of semen?

    Now take it away with your review, Mr. Thomas J. Kelly. And let's all recognize this is an Amazon Verified Purchase so he really bought this stuff. Now that's a commitment to comedy. He's a regular Phyllis Diller, except her balls were self-lubricating.

  • Show Your Dick

    Show Your Dick

    Show Your Dick is a website that has a worldwide appeal to the masses. No matter if you are gay, straight or bi. This site celebrates cocks for the whole world to see. Totally user-generated, the website allows men (or their partners) to upload photos of dicks for discussion. These men are proud of their tool, and love to post pictures to receive feedback.

    Other sections of the website include of cocks measured with ruler, hook-up page, group list (to find members of similar interests), story submissions and even a chat area. The pictures here have become so popular; the site has even become a place where people have found dates. So if you have a cock you are proud of, why not post it on Show Your Dick. Who knows, you might just make a lasting connection with a fan.

  • Gregbyng


    Gregory Bryan Byng is a jack-of-all-trades. Marketer, editor, blogger and model what a renaissance man. So he taken all of those careers and encompassed them into a website. Gregbyng is a lifestyle network catering to the gay community.

    There are pages upon pages of high quality pictures featuring the most stunning male models on the planet. By signing up to the site you gain access to all the galleries of these hot guys for free. However if you feel that you have signed up to one too many gay sites these days, there is no need to join. Non-members have access to a limited amount of photos, just as good. So if you fetish male models, and you are looking for something new, check out Gregbyng. You won't be disappointed.

  • Gay Bondage Fiction

    Gay Bondage Fiction

    Gay sex stories can be hard to find, especially if you have a taste for BDSM erotica. Fortunately you don't have to look any further than Gay Bondage Fiction. Just as its title describes, it consists of stories featuring guys being tortured and tied up. There are tons of stories to choose from covering a wide range of genres in the BDSM environment. Everything from Ass Play, Interrogation & Torture, Military Men, Cops, Frat Guys, Tickling and so much more.

    The site tries to stay current by featuring at least one new story every Friday. On rare occasions they update twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. So this site gets an A+ for regular updates, which is rare for a story site. Regular readers even get a chance to participate by submitting their own stories. Which probably explains its success with their updates. So this is definitely the place to be for male bondage & BDSM erotic stories.

  • Diary of a London Cocksucker

    Diary of a London Cocksucker

    This is the diary of a London dude who shares photos of cocks he sucks. Which makes the title of his site, Diary of a London Cocksucker, pretty self-explanatory. Along with text describing his sucking sessions, he features many up-close photos of the cocks he is about to suck.

    He doesn't seem to discriminate as to what type of cock he fancies. He just loves sucking cocks, the more the merrier. He has every shape, size and variety covered. Along with the cock photos he displays, this site is chock full of other sucking material. From xtube videos to oral sex photos, he has the genre of cocksucking covered. So if you want to live vicariously through someone else sucking cock, Diary of a London Cocksucker is the place to be.

  • Marco Marco Fashion Show Slayed

    Let these girlie men and menny girls and girlie girls and menny men swishtastically and bulgetastically excite your fashion hormones. Not available at Kohl's. Not available at JCP. Definitely available in a whore's trick bag. Big personalities on that runway yet still some of them managed to wear the clothes while for others the clothes wore them. But they all looked good. Something about a muscular model in a jockstrap and pumps working those hips. Yum.

    This show had lots of drama in the show, such as "Will Shangela fall on those skyscraper pumps? Answer: No! But she will break her leg a few days later and need surgery (as she Instagrammed)"; and "Will I leap through my screen and latch onto male model legs like a 1970s Koala clip? Answer: I wish."

    Damn. Good. Show. Marco Marco Spring/Summer 14 bitches.