• Ask GayDemon: An Immodest Proposal

    Ask GayDemon: An Immodest Proposal

    I want to propose to my boyfriend but I'm not sure how to pop the question in an exciting way. Radical ideas very welcome!
    -Ready to Pop

    You could make a giant production number and record it for YouTube viral posterity. Like a musical number starring family and friends, culminating in a grand proposal atop a grand piano on the Grand Concourse of Grand Central Station while a grandma fucks herself with a gravy-lubed dildo while grinning.

    But YouTube would ban the video and you'd never get on Ellen to win a free vacation to Hawaii. 

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  • Trending Video: Angel Lopez & Filip Bethsaida

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    Preist Flip Bethsaida won't take no for an answer at Staxus. He's confronted with the temptation of beautiful twink, Angel Lopez's ass. That's a predicament we all know where the end result will lie. This video is the most viewed this week on GayDemon. The priest cannot resist sliding his raw cock into the smooth boy's hole to give him a shafting.

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  • Trending Post: Horny Frat Boys Fucking

    Trending Post: Horny Frat Boys Fucking

    Tyler gets punished by frat men

    This week's most viewed post comes from Fraternity X where Tyler has to be punished for dropping the bottle of booze. They each take turns to fuck his ass raw and fill him with cum.

    "The dudes pin down his drunken ass and tie him up then each take turns shoving their dicks up his hole and pounding him, busting him a new hole"... read more.

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  • Flashback: Open Wide

    Flashback: Open Wide

    Whether opening mouths wide for a kiss or spreading their legs every which way, these guys know the way to my heart. Or my penis brain. Which is probably not the same thing as my heart, but whatever.

    The photographers were busy pulling invisible strings, directing the guys to move this way and that, look this way and that, erect this way and that. My detailed records show that there was an A List Hollywood actor at the time who moonlit as a smut photog. Who?

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  • Price Watch: Peter Fever

    Price Watch: Peter Fever

    Join Peter Fever today for just $2.95!

    Peter Fever, home to Peter Le's collection of self-made porn with lots of Asian men is open to new members with a 3 day trial for just $2.95! Get 3 whole days of limited access to member's area movies and pics before you buy full membership, which gives access to hundreds of streaming videos for the low price of $24.95 per month!

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  • Public Exposure: Naughty

    Public Exposure: Naughty

    Whip it out! It's a lifestyle and an opening line. Good or bad for each? You decide.

    Though I have a major puzzle for you. Can someone who is completely naked whip it out? In fact, is it simply already out because there's no in?

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  • Cam Bois: Muscle, Ass and Balls

    Cam Bois: Muscle, Ass and Balls

    I'm opening a new restaurant called Eats. Because I"m in a literal mood. So I'm calling this Muscle, Ass and Balls because these guys are the proud owners of all those things. And I'm a proud watcher.

    That's Chris Aron doing the bicep pose. And if I could I'd do the bicep squeeze and lick. Because it just seems like the right thing to do.

    Ryan Reigns is the smiley guy in the white t-shirt. Movie star looks, though he seems to have come up empty at the Golden Globes. So did Ryan Reynods, so whatever.

    Get 120 free credits at Flirt4Free!

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  • Ask GayDemon: WTF Is A Cuckold?

    Ask GayDemon: WTF Is A Cuckold?

    What is cuckold? I've been seeing a lot of this porn around and I can't understand what it actually is. Each movie seems quite different.
    -What the Cuck

    It's this thing where a guy does this thing and there's this woman and there's a wife thing and a husband thing and a non-husband thing and a fucking thing and then usually some pancakes. But never waffles. Never waffles. Except in the Southern Hemisphere where it's all in reverse.

    Does that clear it up?

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  • Trending Video: Connor Maguire & Brenner Bolton

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    At Str8 to Gay, a MEN.com sub-site, Connor Maguire is fucking Brenner Bolton's ass in part 2 of The Boyfriend Experience, and it's this week's most watched scene at GayDemon. Connor and Bolton share their cocks with each other and then Connor plunges his tongue and hard cock deep into Brenner's cute butt doggy-style. Connor can't contain his excitement when Brenner is on his back and pumps away at him until he sprays his load.

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  • Trending Post: Brothers Who Fuck

    Trending Post: Brothers Who Fuck

    Asher Devin and step brother Zak Bishop

    Taboos such as step-brothers having sex can be ridiculously hot, and that's why when Asher and Zak get it on at Next Door Studios, the scene becomes our week's trending post.

    "Asher Devin and step brother Zak Bishop are hanging out in their bedroom. Asher confesses that he thinks his girlfriend is about to go all the way with him, but he's afraid his dick isn't big enough"... read more.

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