• Public Exposure: Dick and Ass

    Public Exposure: Dick and Ass

    Sometimes you just want the basics in life. Dick and ass. Faces are okay too if the face says things like "Look at my dick. Look at my ass." Not many arguments start among willing folks when a conversation starts with that. 

    "Marry me" would be the more likely response. 

    Now I find it hilarious that the obscene gym outfit guy is covering his face while his blatant bulge makes its presence known. White spandex is normally obscene enough, but the, how to put it, stitching of the garment in the crotch region takes it over the top. 

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  • Kink Spotlight: Gaping Asshole

    Kink Spotlight: Gaping Asshole

    Gaping asshole is not just an insult to whip out when you're pissed at someone. It's an actual state of being for actual assholes. And it sends a very clear message.

    Fuck me.

    Or, in context, it can also indicate that the asshole has been intensely fucked by a big cock (whether cock or fist or dildo or plug or eggplant) and someone is showing off the result.

    More abstractly it's what people mean when they say "I could get lost in your ass." I'm sure hoping someone says that, the sexually romantic equivalent of "I could get lost in your eyes." 

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  • Flashback: Pick Up Tricks

    Flashback: Pick Up Tricks

    If you could go back in time and use your time-honored pick-up techniques on any of these guys, would they work?

    You can rule out a hook-up app being effective. Technically, if you brought your cell with you, it's battery would last for only so long and though there were some limited cell-phones in I think the '70s, the Grindr readout would be very confused and say something like "100 feet and 20 years away." 

    But more manual pick-up techniques could prove to be timeless. Like pulling your pants down and bending over.

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  • Public Exposure: Fucking Crazy

    Public Exposure: Fucking Crazy

    So when the most sane naked public guy is the guy who lets his jeans be pulled down at the bar, you know you're in Naked Man Land.

    At any given time, unless you live north of the Arctic Circle, you're generally not very far from Naked Man Land. Apparently if you're most anywhere, you're already there.

    It's just all about timing. Being near the guys who just don't give a fuck. Or they do give a fuck but the only fuck they give is that they get to fuck. Because even if the guy's not hard, casual nudity just makes folks think of the guy in other naked situations too.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Thong Action

    Kink Spotlight: Thong Action

    Prepare for your mind to be blown. And hopefully later tonight, your body will get blown too, but you'll have to find someone else to help you with that.

    So the mind blowing thing is what is underwear and is not underwear at the same time? There's a hint in these pics. One big hint. One sweaty hint. One throbbing hint.

    Thongs may not be the most practical invention except for the way they practically invite sex. And also hide any underwear lines if someone is checking out your rear view. And also make thong manufacturers enough money from such a small piece of fabric that they can buy several condos full of guys wearing even more thongs.

    It's important to combine sex and real estate.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Thrupple Trouble

    Ask GayDemon: Thrupple Trouble

    Most of our friends are in open relationships and three of our friends are in a thrupple. My partner has suggested we look for play buddies in hopes of fully inviting a third into our relationship. I've been very happy with our sexual relationship and I thought he was too. A threesome? Maybe. But a thrupple? No way! What should I do?

    -One Out of Three

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  • Flashback: Nudity Is Fun

    Flashback: Nudity Is Fun

    It's a vintage grab bag today, emphasis on the grab. I was just watching a documentary called Strike a Pose about Madonna's "Vogue" video and Blonde Ambition tour dancers. Sure that was a pop culture moment and she did push boundaries (for profit). At one point, she was supposedly going to be arrested for obscenity in Italy. Her regret is that she didn't.

    I got to the point after the tour where there was a bunch of legal drama, but my reason these shots made me think of it is because of some glowing, fawning gay guys in it who waxed nostalgic about the gay kiss in Truth or Dare (the companion "documentary" to the tour) as being the first male-male kiss they saw. So I was all, you need to go back in time and look at more damn porn.

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  • Public Exposure: Gone Fishing

    Public Exposure: Gone Fishing

    The sign on his front door reads "Gone Fishing" (right next to a sign saying "And Totally Gone Clothes").

    I'm about as big a fan of fishing as fish but since I'm presently above water and not fooled by bait, I will honestly be a fool for his bait. Which is a dreadful pickup line if I were to flirt with him on the open water.

    He seems like he'd be into it though. And likely to spring a boner. Boners, beer, and whatever the hell name of that fish is he caught. Patrice? Laverne? Sylvester? That would be a good afternoon for him.

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  • King Spotlight: Muscular Calves

    King Spotlight: Muscular Calves

    There's a very simple, practical reason to get into calves, especially when it concerns calf watching in public. You're generally looking at a guy from behind so he can't catch you easily and potentially go homophobically crazy at the attention.

    Dark but true.

    Now when you approach him and offer a calf massage, no promises on the reaction you'll get either way. If you offer a calf humping session, definite promises that you'll get some sort of reaction. Like maybe his calves will twitch in anticipation.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Pornus Interruptus

    Ask GayDemon: Pornus Interruptus

    The other night I walked in on my boyfriend watching porn and jacking off. I didn't know he watches porn, but it bothers me a bit. Shouldn't I be enough for him? Is he bored already? I don't want to cramp his style, but I'm not sure how to handle this.

    -The Other Man

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