• Flashback: One Dick, Two Dicks, Red Dicks, Blue Dicks

    Flashback: One Dick, Two Dicks, Red Dicks, Blue Dicks

    Dr. Seuss is in my head for some reason. I just feel he really would have gotten into these guys. Probably not even gay, but who wouldn't appreciate the nude male form doing nude male form things.

    Like flexing and posing and wrestling and dick swinging. Real resumé builders. Pretty much the equivalent of an internship at Vogue magazine. Editrix Anna Wintour is a real dickpig. 

    That iconic bob is very practical for cocksucking. Like a backwards baseball cap.

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  • Public Exposure: Dicks Everywhere

    Public Exposure: Dicks Everywhere

    Look out, there's a dick! There's another one! And there's a bare ass! 

    Duck! Or stop, drop and roll! Or go into a bomb shelter! 

    Or stare at the dick and expose yours right back. That'll show 'em! And maybe earn you a date or several.

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  • Cam Bois: So Many Men, So Much Masturbation at Flirt4Free

    Cam Bois: So Many Men, So Much Masturbation at Flirt4Free

    Now I shouldn't assume you would do something so scandalous as masturbate, but these guys sure are. Both masturbating and pretty much assuming those who watch them are too. Safe bet.

    There names sound pretty X-rated too. Brock Jacobs, David Still, Rafaelo Steel, Lexo Adams and Justin Mate. Well David Still sounds more like a librarian. A naked librarian.

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  • Ask GayDemon: My Closet's in the Closet

    Ask GayDemon: My Closet's in the Closet

    My wardrobe is full of some very kinky clothing. There's leather, rubber, harnesses, etc. for clubbing as well as sex sessions. I've met a new guy and I don't want to scare him off with my fetishism. How do I tell him?
    -Material Witness

    Actually you do want to scare him off if he's not a match. You know that whole Venn diagram thing from math class? You need some overlap, some shared interests, or at least a willingness to try each other's new (or established) thing.

    Though what you'll probably want to clarify is that these items are a mix of clubwear and one's tied to your sex life. He has some of those too. Bet he wears underwear to a club. And bet he liked being stripped down to his underwear. Fetish 101.

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  • Trending Video: Damien Crosse & Diego Summers

    View full video at Stag Homme

    Damien Crosse goes down on Diego Summer's monster cock at Stag Homme Studios. He wants to show Diego how much he's perfected his oral skills. After the blowing is complete, Damien hungrily takes it raw from Diego in his muscular ass in just about every position there is. Summers finally breeds Damien's ass with his load in this video entitled Raw Summers.

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  • Trending Post: Cum Dump Crib

    Trending Post: Cum Dump Crib

    This week's trending post comes from Sketchy Sex with a bunch of dudes gathered around the back end of this crib slut. One after the other, the guys take turns on his hole, making sure it's full of everyone's cum.

    "This dude spends the entire day at the Sketchy Sex crib bent over the kitchen table. He's taking loads, one after the other from random guys coming in and out as they please"... read more.

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  • Flashback: Vintage Muscle Men

    Flashback: Vintage Muscle Men

    Body standards have changed. As you can easily tell by looking at a 1970s vs. present-day  G.I. Joe doll (I mean action figure of course as boys don't play with dolls as that would be super gay). 

    But the muscles have changed into ginormous bulging things beyond human proportion. So vintage muscle is a different thing. Of course there were giant muscle guys back then too but they were mostly busy in gladiator movies or as backup for Mae West's 1950s stage show (or both).

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  • Price Watch: American Muscle Hunks

    Price Watch: American Muscle Hunks

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    You can currently enjoy a 33% discount at American Muscle Hunks, making the 30 day access price just $19.95! American Muscle Hunks focuses on amateur bodybuilders, jocks and hunks, as well as offering some familiar faces like Hugh Hunter, Micah Brandt, Tommy DeLuca and Cameron Frost. The action varies quite a bit from solo posing to nasty hardcore. Some of the guys flex, get oiled up, pose and show off their bodies with little or full nudity, some have limited nudity, showing off their ass cheeks or flashing some pubic hair.

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  • Public Exposure: Open Thighs

    Public Exposure: Open Thighs

    Thighs are a thing. A major thing. Open or closed. Because open is wow, especially when they're muscle thighs. And closed is also wow, hoping they open.

    The jockstrap exposure is insanely deliberate. That guy deserves a reward, beyond the obvious 72 consecutive hours of tag team muscle worship from a mob of horny guys.

    I should mention I'm totally willing to wait my turn in line. I have really good etiquette in mobs.

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  • Cam Boi: Ivan Muscle at Flirt4Free

    Cam Boi: Ivan Muscle at Flirt4Free

    What's that in your ass, Ivan? One of those newfangled vibrators remote-controlled by horny folks watching you? Because those kinds of vibrators tend to vibrate and make you shake and moan.

    The future is grand.

    It's almost like Ivan himself is remote-controlled. I bet him knowing how watched he is makes him work out just a bit harder. Good.

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