• Trending Video: Arad WinWin & Levi Karter

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    New to Cocky Boys but perfectly at home with Levi Karter, Arad WinWin, makes his debut appearance for an awesome fuck scene. Award-winning bottom Levi Karter makes Arad feel very welcome, despite having been falsely informed Arad doesn't speak English. He's a bit intimidated by the size of Arad's muscles, but with that tongue and cock in his hole, Levi quickly forgets his nerves and gets right into the moment!

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  • Trending Post: Glory Hole Birthday Surprise

    Trending Post: Glory Hole Birthday Surprise

    Glory Hole Birthday Surprise!

    This week's trending post comes from Men Over 30, where Jason Barr is being treated to a birthday surprise by his boyfriend, Matt Stevens.

    "Matt Stevens takes his boyfriend Jason Barr into the club bathroom to give him his Glory Hole Birthday Surprise. Jason has no idea what's waiting for him"... read more.

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  • Flashback: Phone Sex

    Flashback: Phone Sex

    "For a good time, call cocksucker Joe at..." is what a real phone sexer would have had to advertise pre-internet. Say by writing it on a men's room wall. Or hiring a pilot to fly a banner. Or by writing it on the wall of a plane's restroom.

    When you don't get an automatic blowjob in first class, you for sure need to find your special guy in coach.

    The alternate method for hooking up with someone for phone sex was to just call random numbers and do some heavy breathing. But it is much more fun if the heavy breathing is on both sides.

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  • Price Watch: Gay Hoopla

    Price Watch: Gay Hoopla

    Streaming-only membership for just $9.95!

    From the end of November, new Gay Hoopla members can choose a streaming only membership to take advantage of a $20 discount! The membership, at just $9.95, is an absolute bargain and gives 30 days uninterrupted access to all-American muscle jocks fucking on camera. Members are also treated to daily live webcam shows.

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  • Public Exposure: Daring Dicks

    Public Exposure: Daring Dicks

    These are guys who don't even need to be playing Truth or Dare to do something nude (or nude-adjacent) in public. Because as much as mountain climbers are adrenaline junkies, these are exposure junkies.

    Now what the hell would happen if there were a nude mountain climber? That's a lot of adrenaline pulsing. Though it would be tricky to get more than a few feet off the ground without the right gear (that you may need pockets for).

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  • Cam Bois: Hardbodies at Flirt4Free

    Cam Bois: Hardbodies at Flirt4Free

    In honor of the '80s R-rated classic Hardbodies (in which Grant Kramer had a nude scene for a millisecond)  here we go. And since we've come a long way, you get way more than a millisecond of nudity when these flirts are on camera.

    Meet Thori, George, Tonny,  Jorge, Raak, and Justin Hunky. First name Justin. Last name Hunky (which he is). And yeah, that's Tonny, not Tony. I just wonder what these people's pets are named. I'm guessing one has a cat named Tabitha Supreme and another a dog named Stradivarius Pancake.

    Of the Rhode Island Pancakes. Well known for their society parties and nude camming.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Loud Fucking Roommate

    Ask GayDemon: Loud Fucking Roommate

    I'm having trouble coming to terms with some of the things my new roommate is into. Every night he has 2 or 3 guys round and gets tag teamed, or hosts a mini group session. I need my sleep and the headboard banging constantly is making me tired at work. What should I say to him?

    Say you're absolutely sick of him having a headboard and that he needs to not have a headboard. Instead offer to buy him some wall cushions made especially for group fucks. IKEA has a whole line of these for cheap. The same IKEA that actually has sold a computer desk with the name JERKR. Not kidding. They understand.

    Alternately, you can ask to participate because considering how much energy is being expended you would certainly be drained after. So probably get some sleep at a different time of day in advance, so you need less sleep before getting up in the morning.

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  • Trending Video: Adam Ramzi & Jeremy Spreadums

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    Both Adam Ramzi and Jeremy Spreadums have been working in the health and fitness industry, with Adam doing it a bit longer. So the guys have a mutual respect for each other. Adam likes to take charge in the bedroom, so when he meets Jeremy for his Cocky Boys scene, Jeremy gets the ride of his life and it just so happens it's being very well received on the tube here at GayDemon too, with this being this week's most trending video.

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  • Trending Post: Devin Franco Topped By French Daddy

    Trending Post: Devin Franco Topped By French Daddy

    Devin Franco and French muscle daddy Bulrog

    This week's trending post comes from Lucas Entertainment, where French muscle daddy Bulrog is topping the gorgeous Devin Franco with his big, raw cock.

    "When French muscle daddy Bulrog was in the Lucas Entertainment offices filling out his paperwork he saw a picture of Devin Franco and apparently said, "I want to fuck him." Why not grant a man his wish?"...read more.

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  • Flashback: Hanging All the Way Out

    Flashback: Hanging All the Way Out

    Casual naked hangouts are the best. Whether alone or with a buddy, just being nude and relaxed is the way to go. Of course it may naturally lead into all sorts of things.

    Like doing the dishes naked. Folding your laundry naked. Vacuuming naked. And that's it. There's nothing else that can be done naked nowadays. So thankfully we have these vintage shots to remind us of the possibilities.

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