• Kink Spotlight: Tennis Studs

    Kink Spotlight: Tennis Studs

    Baseball gets more attention but tennis guys are in shorts and short sleeves and don't generally wear big plastic jock cups that confuse people into thinking they have giant bulges. If a tennis player has a big bulge, or a healthy bouncing one, it's real.

    If he takes his shirt off, it's real. If his thigh and calf muscles flex and give leg lovers a lift, it's real. And if, because it's a psychological sport, the camera often zooms in on the guy's sweaty, intense, emotional face, it's real.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Spitting Image

    Ask GayDemon: Spitting Image

    I picked this guy up the other night and in the middle of a hot session (he was fucking me missionary style) he spat in my face and grunted: "Take my dick, bitch!" I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say or do. But the thing is that it kind of turned me on. I don't know about being called a bitch, but the spitting and the aggression was surprisingly hot. Am I weird?

    Wet Willie

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  • Flashback: Nudity for Fun and Profit

    Flashback: Nudity for Fun and Profit

    All of these guys had probably super dull day jobs. Except for the very top tier of physique models who crossed over into sword and sandal B movies (Ed Fury) or into juicer infomercials (Jack LaLanne).

    But they also had the muscles, dick and face (or at least 1 out of 3) to earn a few bucks in their nakedness. I'm so glad that the federal minimum wage laws starting in 1938 haven't really ever been equitable. Otherwise some of these guys might not have taken their clothes off on camera.

    Now where's the button for the sarcasm emoji?

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  • Public Exposure: Polish Bodybuilder Jan Olejko

    Jan Olejko likes to work out a lot.  In very brief briefs. And posts snippets of himself getting his muscles just how he likes them. All while not acknowledging in the slightest that he's working out in his underwear for the public.

    Thank you Jan.

    There are too many to pick from but these two highlight his bulge from two angles. Oh and lots of workout techniques. Though he never talks. Just a few times laughs at himself messing up a move. 

    Ha ha Jan. I also just messed up my pants.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Foreskin Fellas

    Kink Spotlight: Foreskin Fellas

    I'm picturing a foreskin speakeasy. Back during prohibition, these were underground illegal bars that served liquor so they had secret knocks and little sliding openings built into the door for the door person to decide if they'd let you in or not.

    Well, I want a foreskin one where some guy would have to wave his dick in my face and I could assess if he has a foreskin or not. Though I'd let all the guys in because, hell, they're dicks. But foreskins to the head of the line.

    See Guys Tugging Their Foreskin

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  • Public Exposure: No Excuse Needed

    Public Exposure: No Excuse Needed

    Sure a guy could try and say "I took my clothes off because it was hot out." Or "My clothes slipped off my sweaty body in the heat." Or "When it's hot out, I get incredibly erect thinking about how I'm going to take off my clothes in public and expose myself to strangers."

    Well maybe that last one isn't even in the excuse category.

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  • Flashback: Penis Party

    Flashback: Penis Party

    When you show up to the penis party, make sure to bring your penis and its companion bulge. And if you're being a top drawer guest, then bring your ass too. And while you're at it, your mouth and hands.

    I wish I could have a time travel penis party. I wouldn't really mess up the space-time continuum and bring a guy back here to the present, but I may grab his clothes so I can sell them as vintage to some hipster into cum-soaked 50-year-old thongs.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Clothed Men Naked Men

    Kink Spotlight: Clothed Men Naked Men

    Without clothes, nudity would be meaningless. There wouldn't even be a word for it. Similar to how the word homosexual predated the word heterosexual. Because people had to say "I am totally heterosexual which is totally not homosexual."

    When one guy is dressed and the other guy is naked, that is a little thing called CMNM and I would like to voice my sincere, depraved approval.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Not Sealed with a Kiss

    Ask GayDemon: Not Sealed with a Kiss

    I  was at the baths the other night and I gave this guy head in my room.  After blowing him for about 15 minutes I decided to see where else this would go so I moved in for a kiss. "No kissing," he said, "I don't like that." What's up with that? I was a bit insulted – if my mouth is good  enough for his cock it should be good enough for his mouth.

    -Lonely Lips

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  • Flashback: Extreme Sexual Acting Ability

    Flashback: Extreme Sexual Acting Ability

    These guys are acting the hell out of it. Having all the sex, jacking all the dick off, fucking all the assholes in and out, and flashing all the penises for the early porn audiences to salivate over.

    Or is that over which to salivate. If I'm being vintage, I should use correct grammar like people used to.

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