Fat Uncut Cock

Don't you just love a big, fat, uncut cock? Look at this monster. It's not a pretty dick at all, it's all fat at the base and skinny towards the head, and his foreskin is strangling his cock head, and the whole thing looks like it needs moisturizing. But you know what, it'd be a great cock to slide down your throat because it is so fat at the base. Sure a pretty cock is nice, but really when it's fucking the back of your throat, can you see what it looks like? No, and you don't care, you're looking for the sensation of a big fat cock filling up your mouth. And Sean's cock would do just fine. Sean is an amateur bodybuilder; he's been pumping the iron since he was fourteen. And now at 20, he has developed a sculpted V-shaped body with a 32' waist, a 44' chest; he's strong with defined thighs and calves, and a beautiful, round butt. And he's a big boy, standing 6 feet tall. In his video and picture gallery you'll get a good, long look at his hot body. And wait until you see him pumping that big piece of meat in his fist. I do hate seeing a nice load of cum going to waste.

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