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Let's face it, dicks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are magazine perfect specimens that you'd give your pinky toe to feel inside your mouth. Others are crowned with over-sized nobs, or bend off to the right or left like a boomerany, or they bulge and swell in odd ways, or they're wrapped so tightly in foreskin you'd swear you can hear them screaming. All dicks are not created equal, and some are downright ugly. Like Hot Older Male's Rob Lawrence. His fat, uncut cock hangs heavily between his legs. While his dick is thick, it swells extra fat in the middle; and then, thick folds of foreskin gather behind his cock head. And hanging from the tip is a big, honky Prince Albert ring. But there's something about Rob's ugly dick that gets the cock sucker in me all riled up. There's nothing like sucking a fat, ugly dick that gets you feeling like a nasty, dirty cock sucker. And that's hot! And pretty or not, I'd be down on my knees taking care of that chunk of meat in about three seconds flat. Slobbering all over it, I'd really get into it, teasing him and prolonging the moment when he spills his load.

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